Adding a Jeep Wrangler backup camera to your off-road rig lets you see what or who is behind you while backing up. In this article we are going to look at a variety of backup camera options for the Wrangler.

Backup cameras are now mandated items in new vehicles, popping up on everything from a tiny Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback to an uber-lux Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. The same goes for trucks and SUVs, unlike back in the bad old days when certain safety regs applied only to cars and not our favorite off-road rigs.

Besides, not everyone drives a new vehicle. Some of us like our older Jeeps, and that’s just fine thankyouverymuch. For these people, a smattering of electronic companies have designed and manufactured aftermarket backup cameras for Jeep Wrangler. Some of them incorporate the vacuum of space behind the spare tire, snaking into a specific set of wiring with handy plugs and pigtails that shun the need for cutting into factory wiring.

We’ve chosen a selection of these cameras to provide a range of options. As with all accessories of this nature, be sure to take your time during installation and read the instructions carefully.

1. Editor’s Choice: EchoMaster Backup Camera Kit Compatible with Wrangler JK

EchoMaster Jeep Wrangler Backup Camera

This Jeep JK backup camera is intended to fit machines from the 2007 to 2018 model years. It mounts to the spare tire, but does with a much smaller bracket than some other cameras on our list. One other huge bonus? There’s no need to scurry to your dealership service department for a radio reflash because this camera comes with an included module to unlock backup camera usage on your OEM video-enabled radio.

User reviews are pretty positive, save for a few luddites who couldn’t figure out how to install the thing. There’s a solid chance of user error in those instances. Also included is a Jeep-specific backup camera interface that permits super-easy installation and unlocks extra features for your Jeep. Simply detaching the factory connector and connecting the interface with the included T-harness apparently not only unlocks the backup camera but also allows you to enter GPS destinations and adds an extra A/V input/output.

2. Roadpower Backup Camera for Jeep Wrangler

Roadpower Backup Camera

The designers of this Jeep Wrangler backup camera also smartly make use of the spare tire. This particular backup cam fits the Wrangler JK years of 2007 – 2018 and certainly has an OEM look. The seller claims it to be waterproof, though if you’ve dunked your Jeep up to the top of its spare tire, you’ve got bigger problems to worry about than a simple aftermarket accessory.

It utilizes a mounting bracket affixed to the spare tire carrier, with the camera peeking out through the spare’s wheel spokes. Wiring involves tapping into a 12V power source, plus a detection wire for picking up a signal when the Jeep is flung into reverse gear. Some customers complained the included instructions could have been more clear, preferring to watch videos demonstrating the install. If estimates from these real-world people are accurate, plan on taking an afternoon to complete the task of installing this Jeep JK backup camera.

3. EWAY Backup Camera for Jeep Wrangler

EWAY Licence Plate Camera

Be sure to manage your expectations of the view you’ll get with this particular Jeep Wrangler backup camera. It is specifically designed for the JK, but it mounts to the rig’s license plate, a feature which gearheads will know is not centered on the Wrangler rump. Still, the seller asserts the camera offers a wide-view angle of 150 degrees, which is very nearly the human field of view. It accomplishes this through a lens measuring just 1.7mm (about 1/16th inch).

This backup camera claims to have good night vision which, if true, is better than most Jeep vehicles can manage right out of the factory; the camera on your author’s 2020 has all the nighttime resolution of a 19th century photograph. The cam carries an IP68 waterproof rating, is marketed as shockproof (good for those jarring trial rides), is electrically anti-interference, and can resist high or low temperatures. Several customers report the need to shave a bit of plastic off the license plate housing for proper fitment, something which is suggested by the seller.

4. eRapta 3rd-Gen Backup Camera

eRapta Backup Camera

More of a universal fit than the camera described above, this unit is equipped to belt out 720P resolution and comes with a couple of brackets with which to mount the thing. It can be attached on a license plate frame, for example, or it can be installed with its bracket fitting flush onto a bumper. We will let your creativity wander here when it comes to placement, and remind you that a forward facing camera can save the day on the trail.

It is rated to withstand temperatures ranging from -58°F to 176°F, meaning they’ve got both the Mojave Desert and the Beaufort Sea covered in fine style. An IP69 rating is quite robust and should be able to withstand very severe wash-downs with pressure washers, although it must be said we don’t recommend pointing a power washer directly in the face of sensitive electronics (or your kids). Customers have given this Jeep Wrangler backup camera a very high 4.7 out of 5 star aggregate rating, reporting a clear image and good nighttime performance.

5. Ekylin Flush Mount Rear View Camera

Ekylin Backup Camera

You’ll need to break out the hole saw to install this Jeep Wrangler backup camera, a requirement that’ll quickly separate those that are still making payments on their Jeeps and people who’ve long since decided to take tools to the thing in the name of modifications. This camera peeps out through a hole after being flush-mounted in a bumper or other body panel. The 28mm hole that’s required to install this camera will surely scare away some buyers, while the potato-quality 480P video resolution is going to scare off a few more.

But, hey – what do you expect for less than the price of a big meal at Chick-fil-A? Included in the package is the appropriate-sized hole saw you’ll need for the project, so you’ll be able to add that item to your tool box when you’re done. Bad reviews are only from people who have unrealistic expectations of a backup camera at this price point, such as the dour gentleman who used ample grammar mistakes in his rage-filled review. Others who had more measured expectations were not nearly as disappointed.

Where do you mount a Jeep Wrangler backup camera?

Two of the units on our list utilize the vehicle’s spare tire carrier as its mounting point, while the others have a little more free reign. For a clean install, it’s hard to beat the spare tire option, since the tiny lens peeking out from between the wheel spokes will look as if it was installed at factory level by the good folks in Ohio. Wherever your Jeep Wrangler backup camera is installed, be sure it is tightly secured and not loose. Otherwise, you could end up with a blurry image thanks to vibrations or lose the thing altogether after getting up to speed on the highway.

How do you install a backup camera on a Jeep Wrangler?

Installation varies, but two constants will be the need to tap into a 12V power source and a signal wire that picks up when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Be sure to follow instructions and seek help from a more knowledgeable buddy if you’re unsure. Perhaps surprisingly (this is the internet, after all) most of the sellers seem to be decently responsive to customer inquiries, a trait that bodes well for answering questions from befuddled installers.

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