Jeep TJ half doors offer freedom and security as you conquer your favorite off-road trails.

As you might expect, the aftermarket is loaded with half door options for the Jeep Wrangler TJ. In this guide, we look at the best Jeep TJ half doors available so you can get out and enjoy your vehicle.

1. Editor's Choice: Body Armor GEN 3 Black Trail Doors

Body Armor Jeep TJ Half Doors

Body Armor’s GEN 3 Jeep TJ Half Doors are designed to fit 1997 to 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ and TJ Unlimited models. They come equipped with multiple adjustment points to help you get a precise fit on your vehicle. This is a crucial feature, as it helps make installation much easier. Instead of adjusting your TJ to fit the doors, you adjust the doors to fit your TJ.

The tubular steel construction is powder-coated in dual-process textured black paint with newly-designed heavy-duty webbing, and pre-drilled holes are also present to ensure a perfect fit with 5126 and factory mirrors. As some of the most popular half doors on the market, Body Armor’s Gen 3 provides your vehicle with a tactical appearance. This is largely thanks to the proprietary speed gusset plates and unique webbing. If you’ve wanted to give your Jeep Wrangler TJ some added character, these doors will do it. What’s more, you can trust that you’re investing in durable, long-lasting half doors thanks to the use of steel tubing and 3/16-inch gusset plates, as well as UV-resistant Cordura webbing that’s made with 1-inch nylon.

If you often take your Jeep off-road, this tough webbing helps prevent branches from coming into contact with you or your passengers while still giving you an open air feeling. Installation is made easy thanks to a simple but effective bolt-on design. Once the doors are securely in place and latched, there is virtually no rattling – a must-have feature that provides a smooth riding experience. The vast majority of Body Armor GEN 3 half doors say that installation was pretty straightforward – even for a beginner. However, several pointed out that it was worth investing in stainless steel or powder-coated bolts, as the ones that come with the kit can rust. After reading about all of these features, it should be easy to understand why our editors chose these as the best Jeep TJ half doors.

2. Best Fabric Half Door Option: Bestop Black Diamond Lower Fabric Half Doors

Bestop Jeep TJ Half Doors

Using your 1997 to 2006 Jeep’s original hinges, Bestop’s Black Diamond Fabric Doors provide the safety and protection you need while off-road. This is thanks to a sturdy and secure welded wireframe that offers support while maintaining its shape. It’s worth mentioning that this kit is for the lower half only and can’t be used in conjunction with any of Bestop’s upper door kits.

That said, the fit of these Bestop TJ half doors are just right, and the build-quality ensures long-lasting use. The fabric material is the same durable kind that’s used in Bestop’s Supertop. If you have a Supertop, Bestop even has matching color options to provide a seamless appearance. Some owners do report some noticeable rattling while driving around, but for the most part reviews are very positive.

3. Most Budget Friendly: Hooke Road TJ Tube Half Door

Hooke Road Jeep TJ Half Doors

With their steel construction and open-air ventilation, you can enjoy off-roading the way it was meant with these Hooke Road tubular trail Jeep TJ half doors. Each door is coated in textured powder black paint and premium E-Coating for five years of corrosion protection.

Mounting is done via the TJ’s original hinges and is quick and easy to install. What’s more, an effective and hassle-free bolt-on design ensures that you’ll be able to replace your doors with little trouble. The door latches match Jeep’s original design, ensuring that your new doors stay securely in place without rattling while you drive. These latches are also coated in textured powder black paint for additional durability.

If reliability is what you’re looking for, you’re going to appreciate the heavy-duty 5/32-inch steel doors. They feature steel tubing that measures 2 x 0.120 inches for long-lasting dependability, making these some of the best Jeep TJ tube doors you can purchase.

4. Rugged Ridge Front-Locking Tube Doors

Rugged Ridge Jeep TJ Half Doors

These fully-welded Jeep TJ half doors from Rugged Ridge boast heavy duty construction for long-lasting performance. Each door in this kit comes fully-assembled. And for added reliability, each door is also protected with E-Coating and textured powder black paint.

Once the doors are securely in place, they provide rattle-free protection during your off-road adventures. And unlike some of the other half doors available, Rugged Ridge’s offerings allow you to re-install your factory mirrors. On the down side, some owners report that installation can be a bit of a bear, which can be a bit frustrating. As well, some owners recommend in better assembly screws, as the ones provided aren’t the best quality. They are easy to strip during installation, so it’s best to have replacements on hand just in case.

On a positive note, Rugged Ridge backs up its Jeep TJ tube doors with a five-year warranty. If you have any manufacturer problems within that time period, Rugged Ridge will either repair or replace your issue.

5. EAG Military Star Tubular Half Doors

EAG Jeep TJ Half Doors

EAG offers a couple of different half doors for the Jeep Wrangler TJ, but our favorite is this tubular door with a five-point star design in the center.

EAG built these Jeep TJ half doors with 1/8” steel sheet and 1 ¼” x 0.080 wall steel tubing, each finished in a black powder coat for corrosion protection. They also boast a built-in latch assembly that EAG boasts is “OE quality.”

As for installation, these half doors mount directly to the factory door hinge for easy installation. Some owners complain that the hinge pins are not very sturdy and are prone to bending, so finding a source for some backups is a good idea. But even with this issue, the vast majority of owner review are positive. As an added bonus, these half doors come standard with “military grade” side view mirrors that are manually adjustable.

EAG Pocket Tubular Steel Doors

EAG Pocket Doors

Another interesting option from EAG is this set of pocket tubular steel doors. They have the same steel construction as the military star door, but they come with a pile of extra storage space.

Each door is outfitted with 1680 Denier nylon storage bags – each with multiple pockets (inside the vehicle and out) where you can store easy-to-reach items you want to take with you on the trail.

Realistically, the storage system and the lack of the military star design are the only major differences between these doors, but the look is quite a bit different and if you need the extra storage space, these half doors provide plenty of it.

How do I take the half doors off of my Jeep?

This is a really simple procedure that allows you to enjoy the true open air experience of driving a Jeep Wrangler. Start outside of your Jeep and remove the two 13mm nuts at the bottom of your door hinges. Once these are removed, open your door so you can slide the retaining strap off of its pin from the inside of the cockpit and simply lift the door straight up so the door pins can slide out of the hinges. This may require a little wiggling and jiggling as you’re lifting to make it happen. A little spray lubricant won’t hurt either, but make sure whatever you’re going to use won’t hurt the paint either. Once the doors are off, you’ll notice that your dome light is likely staying on so you’ll want to disable this by removing the Door Switch Defeat fuse located in the fuse panel behind the glove box. We’ve found a great video on YouTube showing all the necessary steps that you can watch here.

What’s the best way to store my Jeep TJ doors when I have them off?

When you have the doors off, you want to make sure that you can store them someplace where they won’t be disturbed. Our best recommendation is to get a few thick moving blankets to wrap the doors so you’ll avoid any possibility of scratching the painted surfaces. Once wrapped, use a couple of bungee straps to keep the blankets in place and store away from high traffic areas where they may be knocked over. When you’re ready to put them back on, you can simply fold the blankets and use the bungees to keep them tightly wrapped until you need them again at a later date.

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