Whether you prefer the recently introduced Ranger or the OG variant whose roots stretch back to 1983, adding a Ford Ranger lift kit is a popular spend of money for owners of this mid-size pickup truck. Putting a few more inches of clearance between the truck’s frame and terra firma could mean the difference between sailing over that obstacle or causing catastrophic damage.

Be aware there are lift kits on this list for both versions of the venerable Ranger, so be sure you’re buying one that actually fits the machine to which you hold the keys. Also, some kits are levelers which reduce the truck’s rake but don’t have as much of an impact as true lift setups. And, no, you shouldn’t simply jack the thing up and wedge hockey pucks in the gaps of its stock suspension springs.

1. Editor's Choice: ReadyLift 3.0-inch Levelling Kit for 2019 Ford Ranger

best ford ranger lift kits

Here’s a good quality and highly reviewed levelling kit for the Ford Ranger. Made right here in the USA from aircraft-grade aluminum, this affordable product will increase ground clearance of your new-style Ranger and give it a nice stance. The seller advertises this front leveling kit as providing a truly level stance and the perfect choice which can allow for up to a plus-2 tire size increase. This kit uses their proprietary CNC-machined billet aluminum top hat replacement design technology, combining the lifting benefits of both a top-mount spacer with a pre-load spacer. It all makes for what they call a masterfully engineered front suspension system. Note this is a levelling kit, meaning there are only gubbins for the front suspension – not the rear.

2. Best Complete Lift Kit: Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit for 1997-2012 Ford Ranger

best ford ranger lift kits

Those of you looking for a Ford Ranger lift kit 4×4 will probably find this option to be right up your alley (or off-road trail, as the case may be). Designed for Rangers from the model year 1997 right up until that generation of truck ceased production in 2012, this lift kit adds 1 to 3 inches of lift up front and a solid 2 inches of lift in the rear. Options are available for slightly different measures, should you desire. It comes with torsion keys, rear lift tapered blocks, square bend u-bolts, plus all instructions and a set of stickers (should that matter to you). The seller states this is an easy bolt-on installation taking between 2 to 4 hours. A torsion bar puller, or 5 ton gear puller, is required for installation.

3. American Automotive 1998-2007 Ranger Lift Kit

best ford ranger lift kits

Catering to the OG Ranger crowd, this budget-friendly levelling kit is designed for two-wheel drive Rangers – so all you Florida and SoCal owners should pay attention. It’s essentially just a set of laser cut carbon steel spring spacers, priced right for those of you who simply want a better stance on their old truck or give a bit of help to a set of tired springs. The seller makes a point of noting that a front suspension lift does not occur in a 1:1 ratio with spacer thickness, warding off comments from the great unwashed who think adding 6 inches of these things will jack their rig skyward by the same amount.

4. Superlift Suspension 2-Inch Leveling Kit for 2019-Present Ford Ranger

best ford ranger lift kits

Ford did a pretty good job with the new Ranger, but designers and engineers are often bound within certain crash test or fuel economy rules. The aftermarket is ready to step in and give the truck the rake (or lack thereof) it deserves with kits such as this 2-inch leveller from Superlift. A Level-It lift system is a great solution for any owner seeking an economical and easy way to eliminate the factory nose-down rake on virtually all late-model trucks and SUVs. Whether it’s simply leveling the truck’s stance, making the room to go up a couple of tire sizes, or plus-sizing the tire and wheel package on the vehicle, Level-It components work with factory suspension components to achieve modest ride height gains.

5. KSP Front Lift Torsion Key for 1998-2012 Ford Ranger

best ford ranger lift kits

If all you’re after is a quick and affordable way to lift the front end of your old-school Ranger, picking up a set of these torsion keys might be the ticket. Generally used as part and parcel of a proper lift kit, the two items you see here are said to be made of forged carbon-steel with twice the strength of a factory system. Note that these things are not meant for Ranger pickup trucks of later model years from the original, thanks to the potential of sending its stability control system into a snit. If you’re not sure whether your old-school Ranger is equipped with such, look for a round traction control button on a low part of the dashboard, located directly underneath the fan speed dial.

6. Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit for 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

best ford ranger lift kits

Similar to the levelling kit listed a couple of entries above, this product will raise the front end of your new-style Ranger a couple of inches in an effort to flatten out its stance. This kit comes with an array of items, including two high-strength steel top strut spacers, a pair of high-strength steel bottom strut spacers, and all associated installation hardware. The seller says this is an easy bolt-on installation, taking 2 to 3 hours without the need for special tools. That latter note is no small point, given the industrial-grade spring compressors and such required for some installation routines. This set of lift spacers is precision machined using the latest in metal fabrication tech and receives a special coating during production to protect against the elements. An alignment is recommended after putting this product on your truck, as is recommended for all the kits on this list. 

How will adding a Ford Ranger lift kit change how your truck handles?

As with any product that changes the factory suspension geometry, there’s a chance your truck will handle differently than it did before the install. Less precise steering is possible, as is a lack of immediate responsiveness in sudden turns. Speaking of, don’t forget your truck now has a higher centre of gravity than when it left the showroom floor. 

Can you install a Ford Ranger lift kit on your own?

It’s always recommended to work on a vehicle with a buddy, especially when the work involves raising the thing off the ground. Use jack stands and be aware of your surroundings. In addition to these basic safety precautions, having a second set of hands during the install of a lift kit will surely help with the proper placement of parts, especially for the kits on this list which require fettling the original suspension bits or – danger! – using a spring compressor.

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