As one of the most popular full-size SUVs on the market, you can always make it better by adding some of the best Chevy Tahoe accessories.

The Chevy Tahoe, and it’s GMC Yukon sibling, are among the most popular full-sized SUVs on the road. These big vehicles are a step down, size-wise, in comparison to the Suburban (our Yukon XL) and offer third-row seating, V8 engines and lots of space and comfort. The popularity of these machines as both family vehicles and adventure toys has built a great assortment of aftermarket accessories to allow you to customize your Tahoe to your personal needs and tastes. What are some of the best Chevy Tahoe accessories available? Here’s a look at some ways you can maximize your Tahoe.

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1. Editors Choice: Magnetic Cellphone Holder

We all have cell phones these days and most of us use them in conjunction with our vehicle, whether to make hands-free calls, play music or what have you. There are several types of cell-phone holders on the market, but we’re pretty fond of magnetic-type ones. These stick-on magnetic holders can be mounted anywhere in the cab or your Tahoe/Yukon and make your phone easier to see without using your hands, or taking your eyes off the road or trail. With many states cracking down on cell phone use while driving, this could very well be one of, if not the best Chevy Tahoe accessory.

2. Best Modular Roof Rack: Yakima LockNLoad Rack

The Tahoe is a great vehicle with lots of space. However, with the third-row seats in use, the cargo area is dramatically reduced. A roof rack is a great way to add additional cargo capacity, and if you want one that allows you to configure it to your own off-road driving needs, the Yakima LockNLoad platform rack tops the list for Chevrolet Tahoe accessories. These sturdy systems are built to take every bit of abuse you can dish out, and they are designed to allow for the ultimate adaptability. Made from durable aluminum and available in a wide-range of sizes, the Yakima LockNLoad rack is one of the best Chevy Tahoe accessories you can find if you are after extra storage space.

3. Best Interior Protection: WeatherTech Floor Mats

Ever had a vehicle where the carpeted flooring gets wet and nasty? Yeah, it isn’t any fun, and even worse to replace it. WeatherTechmakes floor liners that give you the best defense against nasty carpeting in your ride. They have high sides to keep in liquids, whether that is rain, melting snow, much or spilled beverages. The WeatherTech liners are laser measured for a precise fit, too, so you know they will fit perfectly. Better yet, floor liners, like the WeatherTech have been known to help increase the value of your vehicle. That alone earns them a spot on our list of the best Chevy Tahoe accessories.

4. Best Bolt-On Performance Gains: K&N Cold Air Intake

Most modern engines have air intakes and filter systems designed to meet a long list of standards and criteria. That may make for a perfect engine based on that list, but just about every engine can benefit from increased air intake. That’s where K&N comes in. These systems increase the amount of air coming into your engine, which boosts performance and horsepower. You get an air filter rated for 10 years and/or a million miles, and a simplified intake which allows your motor to breath better. Some have even noticed an increase in fuel economy, but that is not a claim K&N will make. On the plus side, this intake will make your Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon sound better, too.

5. Covercraft Carhartt SeatSaver

If you want your seats to stay in the best possible shape, you need seat covers to keep things as protected as possible. Covercraft makes seat covers that are fit precisely to each make and model, and seating option available, for your Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon. They’ve stepped up the protection of their SeatSaver covers by teaming with Carhartt to use the company’s legendary tough fabric. The result is a line of covers that will handle everything you can dish out.

6. Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires

Nitto Ridge Grappler

If you plan on venturing off-road at all, new tires are a must for most stock SUVs. Of of our favorite tires is the Nitto Ridge Grappler (read our long-term review here). The Ridge Grappler is a versatile tire that offers strong performance in the mud and rocks without delivering a punishing and overly noisy ride on the highway. Nitto engineered the Ridge Grappler with a high-void tread pattern for aggressive off-road grip, but also thought to build in a variable pitch design with alternating shoulder grooves that create a zig-zag pattern to help reduce noise on paved roads. Alternating tapered edges in the tread pattern offer added bite and grip, while stone ejectors between the tread voids get ride of rocks you pick up on the trail. Simply put, Nitto Ridge Grappler tires are among the best Chevy Tahoe accessories you can add. In fact, any truck or SUV with off-road aspirations could benefit from these tires.

7. KMC Wheels

Factory wheels have come a long way in looks and durability, but there’s nothing that can improve the looks of your SUV like a set of sweet aftermarket wheels, like these from KMC. KMC’s XD Series are a perfect blend of durability and style, making them some of the best looking wheels on the road that can handle going off-road as well. The Grenade line is very functional and look great. If you want one of the best Chevy Tahoe accessories, you need some KMC XD Wheels.

8. Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit

Chevy Tahoe Lift Kit

If you are looking to add some larger tires for off-road use or are looking for improved ground clearance, a lift kit is one of the best Chevy Tahoe accessories you can buy – and they are surprisingly affordable. This particular lift kit from Supreme Suspensions fits 2007-2020 Tahoe models and provides 3.5 inches of lift up front and 3.0 inches out back. If you’ve got a spring compressor in your garage, you can do upgrade yourself in a couple of hours. The kit includes two billet aluminum front strut spacers, two Delrin lower front mount spacers, two billet aluminum rear spring spacers, and complete instructions. Keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends an alignment after the install.

9. Go Rhino Receiver Step

If you load stuff up on your roof rack, getting to it can be a bit tricky. That’s why you need a solid receiver step, like this one from Go Rhino. This step is welded steel and is powder coated with a textured finish, so the step looks great for a long time and your foot won’t slip as easily. The two-level step makes it easier to use for people with shorter legs or other issues. Plus is just looks pretty sweet, too.

10. AMP Research Power Side Steps

Running boards are nice, but they can get hung up. AMP Research’s Power Side Steps automatically fold down whenever the door is opened, offering you a sturdy step to help you get into your Tahoe or Yukon. When the door is shut, they fold up, out of the way. These state-of-the-art steps have LED lighting and military-grade corrosion resistance. They come with a 5 year warranty and are seriously built to last. These are perfect for helping you get in and out of your SUV, and are amazing if you have anyone who has difficulty getting in.

11. Pelican Cooler

With the third row up, there isn’t a lot of space left for cargo, let alone a cooler. However, when you’re out and about in the heat, you still want to have cool drinks along. Plus it is a good idea to always keep a cooler handy in case you buy frozen foods, or perishable items that need to be kept cooler. Our choice for a cooler is the Pelican, and the 20qt. Model is compact and will fit places other coolers can’t. You’d be hard pressed to find a better cooler than a Pelican and this one is among the best Chevy Tahoe accessories we can think of.

12. Ventshades

Window vent shades give you some great options for air circulation in your Tahoe. They allow you to open your windows, even when it’s raining, and allow for fresh air to come into your cabin, while keeping rain out. They also add a level of shade to your windows, helping some to keep the temperature down. There are two types: tape on and in-channel. We suggest the in-channel shades that snap into the existing channel your window rides in. This gives you a solid and secure mount that, if you should break or remove the shade, there isn’t tape stuck on the outside of your door frame. These come in very handy for defogging your windows in the rain, too.

I love my Tahoe but want to run larger tires for a more aggressive look. How big can I go?

We’re assuming that you want to stay stock height? You can usually be on the safe side by limiting yourself to the next tire size or two. Our best recommendation is to take your Tahoe to your local tire shop and discuss with them. Many places will install a tire to check for clearance before committing to the size. If you plan on doing a lift kit at the same time, many of the leading lift kit manufactures will give you a recommended tire size to run with their kits.

I love the idea of adding more power by installing the K&N Cold Air Intake but wonder if it will cause the engine to run lean.

Worry not! K&N Cold Air Intakes are designed to work with your OEM ECM units, so you won’t develop any weird running issues. If you do upgrade your exhaust (headers, muffler, etc.) the combination of that and the intake can help give a substantial increase when tuned properly with a good programmer.

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