Few vehicles in North America were more easily recognizable and more flamboyantly excessive than the Hummer. And while the plug was pulled on the Hummer brand a decade ago, it looks like it is making a comeback. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, an electric Hummer pickup will be coming to market in 2022 under the GMC banner.

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The fact that the gas-guzzling, road warrior Hummer is going to have a second life as an electric vehicle is among the most shocking about-faces we’ve ever heard of. Hummers were all about extravagance and aggression wrapped in an urban assault vehicle. These were the vehicles of military conflict, rap videos, and professional athletes. We are not sure than an electric Hummer will carry the same cachet, but it looks like GMC is going to try. That same Wall Street Journal report notes that GMC has joined forces with NBA superstar LeBron James to promote the new electric Hummer, which may include a SuperBowl commercial later this month.

So how will the GMC Hummer fare? We still have no idea how much it is going to cost, how big it is going to be, how powerful its electric motor is going to be, or how much range it will have, so it’s hard to guess at the moment. We imagine there is a fairly small market for opulent electric off-road truck, but this is not a vehicle that is likely to be produced in large numbers.

Assuming the electric Hummer’s range looks promising, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if it caught on with soccer moms and tacticool dads as daily driver. But if it really is intended to be an off-road truck, we will be very eager to see how it performs and how many Jeep owners will be willing to make the switch to electric.