Over the weekend, Polaris introduced a brace of new rigs – one for parents and one for kids. Those who know their side-by-sides recognize the curiously capitalized GENERAL line at Polaris as a great choice for landowners who want to get the job done during working hours before scampering off for a bit of fun on the trail. The new 2020 Polaris GENERAL 1000 Sport takes the entry-level 1000 trim and adds a good bit of visual flair, endowing the thing with a dose of brightwork via new premium graphics package and painted-to-match ZF Sachs twin tube springs. Those are snazzy cast aluminium 12-inch wheels replacing the base model’s stamped steel units as well.

Power output from the 2020 Polaris General Sport remains at a wholly-appropriate 100 horsepower from the 999cc four-stroke twin, funneled through a PVT gearbox to the brand’s On-Demand True 2WD/AWD grip system. There’s a total of 12.25 inches of travel up front and 13.2 inches in the rear, meaning you’ll be able to walk it up over that errant log on the way to the cottage with relative ease. Payload capacity remains at 1100 lbs and towing maxes out at 1500 lbs. Prices start at $15,999.

On the other end of the size and power spectrum is the 2020 Polaris Outlaw 70. Built for little tykes just getting in to the off-road arena, this ATV is a great option for kids trying to find their feet before graduating to something bigger. The single piston 70cc four-stroke is more than enough on which to learn. Its styling mimics that of larger Polaris rigs, which is a good thing.

If you’re interested, the Outlaw 70 has four inches of ground clearance and a like amount of front and rear wheel travel. Note well: payload is about 140 lbs on this thing, so it’ll be a while before young John or Jane grows out of it. In fact, their skill level will probably advance faster than their height and weight, meaning they can upgrade to a bigger machine while passing this one along to their younger siblings.