It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right fellow gearheads? Around this time of the calendar we get to choose a few awesome items for our loved ones and – let’s be honest – pick out more than a few for ourselves. We’ve combed through some of our favorite websites and selected some products that should be right up your alley for the Holiday Gift Guide.

Ford Bronco Ugly Christmas Sweater: $54.95

Ford Bronco Sweater

While we all wait impatiently for the Ford Bronco to to hit dealerships in the spring, we can at show our love for all things Bronco with this ugly sweater. Christmas is the perfect time to sport his Ford Bronco sweater and hopefully this will tide you over until you can get your hands on the real thing.

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Ford Bronco Model – $24.79

Ford Bronco Model

If the classic Ford Bronco is more your style, check out this model Baja Bronco from Revell. This piece of Bronco history is a call back to when Ford sent some basic Broncos to the Bill Stroppe shop, where they were converted into Baja Broncos with some modifications to the drive train and body. Those models were then shipped to dealers and sold to the general public who wanted a little piece of the Baja-dominating Broncos of the early 1970s.

This model kit features a detailed V8 engine, separate frame, removable top, swing away spare tire, roll bar, and back seat.

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Magellan TRX7 CS Off-Road GPS: $423.69

Magellan TRX7

Give the gift of directions with the Magellan TRX7 CS so your favorite off-roader will always be able to find their way back home. Designed specifically for off-road use, the TRX7 CS is housed in a drop- and shock-resistant, waterproof, dustproof case, with a high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen display. It ships preloaded with more than 115,000 4×4, ATV, motorcycle, and snowmobile trails from across the US, and high-resolution topographical map data covering the US and Canada. This device also offers Magellan’s street navigation, so you an use it in your daily driver as well.

The unit has a built-in 5MP camera with an LED flash, and one-touch track recording allows you to “bread-crumb” your path as you go, creating track data that can be published for viewing and use by other Magellan off-road GPS users.

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Leatherman Wave+ Multitool: $99.95

If you don’t have a Leatherman tucked away in your rig, you’re doing it wrong. These tremendous mechanical wonders are packed with functionality and can help you out of just about any jam in which you might find yourself on the trail.

Your author prefers the Wave+ for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact it contains several blades including a 3-inch rough toothed saw. The spring-loaded scissors are super handy and the myriad of screwdrivers can help with rig repairs. Its trademark set of pliers will also make quick work of sorting out tough mechanical problems. The final argument for putting this tool under the tree? The very same model lives in the glovebox of your author’s well worn pickup truck.

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Pro Comp 3 LED Rock Light 6-Pack Kit: $81.63

Six-packs aren’t just for beer. This kit features lights with cast aluminium housings and Lexan covers, stout enough to survive most off-road beatings. Their 6500K LED rating will heave off bright white light, not the yellowed incandescent stuff of years past. The seller says they will last over 50,000 hours, equal to nearly six years of constant illumination or about the same amount of time it takes your better half to talk about their day at work. They should also survive dunkings in up to about 10 feet of water, which makes them a great addition to our Holiday Gift Guide.

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Voodoo Off-Road 7/8″ x 30′ Kinetic Recovery Rope: $175

Yeah, this is one expensive recovery rope. But when the elcheapo one your buddy bought at the discount store snaps faster than a Hollywood actor and takes out someone’s window, it’ll suddenly seem like a good investment. At nearly an inch on the round, this 30-foot monster should be able to haul you out of nearly any sticky situation.

According to the company, Voodoo Offroad Kinetic Recovery Ropes give you a 16mph head start over others ropes thanks to its use of kinetic energy. Accumulated in each recovery rope as it stretches, it alleges to increase pulling force and reduce the sudden impact generated by conventional tow straps. Your author will point out the makers of this rope doesn’t have a monopoly on physics, but if they’ve managed to work it into their marketing, more power to them.

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New Set of Off-Road Tires (Prices Vary)

If you’re flush with cash, a brand new set of off-road A/T or M/T rubber is sure to delight the gearhead on your life, even if tires are difficult to wrap and kinda obvious when placed next to the Christmas tree. It’s the perfect addition to the Holiday Gift Guide. Be sure to get the right size, a statement which might seem kinda obvious but is necessary to say, especially if your gearhead partner is planning to switch their truck tires to a different width or diameter. Another good idea? Wrapping up a note good for “one set of killer off-road tires.” That’ll cover all bases.

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Chemical Guys 14-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit: $89.99

Look, you’ve got to come down off the trail at some point. While your author firmly believes that a dirty truck is a happy truck, there does come a time when it’s necessary to hose the thing off and find out what color its paint actually is. Cheaper options exist than this kit from Chemical Guys, but there’s no argument it packs all of the gear one will need to take their rig from sodden to spotless.

The Foam Gun hooks up to any standard hose, so there are no additional tools or machines required to produce a foamy clean. Glass cleaners, microfiber mitts, dirt traps – this cleaning kit has the works.

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Smittybilt Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch: $481.65

Any off-roader worth their salt needs a winch, so it was a no-brainer for us to include one in our Holiday Gift Guide. But let us be as clear as humanly possible: don’t cheap out on a winch. Like the recovery rope listed above, a winch is only as good as its cheapest part. If you’re buying one that was built from an assemblage of parts from the lowest bidder, expect to invite a good bit of calamity when it comes time to recover your rig out of a tight spot.

This Smittybilt unit has a waterproof synthetic rope, 6.6hp amphibious motor, and a three-stage planetary gear system. Its rated line pull is 10,000 lbs and, with a 12-foot lead, is well equipped to handle just about whatever you can throw at it. Weighing nearly 100 lbs, placement will be crucial, so make sure the person to whom you’re gifting this brute has a bumper on their rig capable of handling such an install.

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Moshi SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount: $49.95

Most phone mounts go flying the instant one hits a bump or plunges into the nearest off-road obstacle. From first-hand experience, your author can attest this setup holds fast even when tearing over a high-speed and rut-filled sand wash. Magnets integrated into the case grip more tightly than a frightened cat, while the pivot mount allows you to easily use the thing as a satnav. There is no extra bulk outside the case, either, with its magnets seamlessly integrated into the unit. A variety of cases from Moshi allow this setup to play well with a bunch of different phones.

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