The sand and dunes of the Middle East are a great playground for a bit of off-road fun. That Saudi Arabia should have its share of gearheads should be no surprise, given the amount of money that seems to perpetually float around certain parts of the region.

With all that cash to spend and plenty of off-road space in which to play, it makes sense that we saw more than a few awesome builds when we were on the ground for the first annual Global Auto Salon in Riyadh. Some of the rigs were safely ensconced at the show while others were built by local gearheads who were only too proud to show off their creations.

Modern 4x4s? They had ’em. Completely rebuilt and hand-crafted American metal from the 60s and 70s? They had those, too. Hellcat and Hemi powertrains stuffed in places they were never designed to fit? Absolutely.

Which one of these Saudi Arabia off-road rigs is your fave?

Hand-Built Jeep SJ Pickup

Dune-Bound Jeep Wagoneer

Nissan Patrol NISMO

Regular Cab Chevy Silverado Trail Boss & GMC Sierra AT4

1992 Ford Bronco with Lightning powertrain

Hemi Gladiator by Starwood

Lifted 1976 F-Series by Diversified Creations

Hoonigan Baja Scumbug

1989 Jeep Wagoneer with Hellcat powertrain

196x Jeep Gladiator by Black Mountain