After a gestation period that involved vehicles shown at auto shows and a number of revealing YouTube videos, Bollinger has officially shown the two all-electric trucks they’re bringing to market. The Bollinger B1 is a four-door SUV while the Bollinger B2 is a crew cab pickup. Both have over 600 horsepower and 15 inches of ground clearance underneath their boxy bodies.

These should definitely be able to hold their own off-road. A full 10 inches of wheel travel stands ready to clamber over just about any obstacle, while the dual electric motor setup allows for power to be sent to all four wheels. Range, always an asterisk with electric rigs, is said to be in the 200-mile ballpark, if you’re wondering.

Payload capacity? An easy 5000lbs. Towing? That taps out at a heady 7500lbs. Unladen, the Bollinger B1 has a 52-degree approach angle, 30-degree breakover, and 43-degree departure angle. This handily outstrips the Raptor, which is 30, 23, and 23 respectively if you’re wondering. The longer Bollinger B2 pickup posts the same 52-degree angle of attack. but breakover and departure angles are reduced to 25 and 28 degrees thanks to overall length.

Bollinger B1 Bed

Bollinger says its electric trucks have a fording depth of 36 inches. Absent of an internal combustion engine, snorkels and other breathing apparatus aren’t required to take the all-electric rig into three feet of water.

Another feature bound to appeal to off-road gearhead like us? Doors without any electrics, a decision made by Bollinger to simplify their removal. Windows, mirrors, and locks are all manual, just like in your K5 Blazer.

Bollinger B1 Cab

Elsewhere in the Bollinger B1 and B2 cabin, a pair of gates fore and aft open up the entire length of the truck, meaning one can load in 2x4s or lengths of pipe from stem to stern if they so choose. This is thanks to the trucks having their electric bits tucked in under the machine, out of the way. The rest of the interior is a master class in clean design. And if that steering column looks familiar, give yourself a cookie; it, too, is just like the one in your K5.

If this is a foretaste of electric motoring, then we may not have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future after all. Bollinger B1 and B2 trucks should be finding their way into owner’s waiting hands by 2021.