It’s no secret that Chevy’s mid-sizer is a great off-road tool, especially when fitted with ZR2 or – more recently – AEV Bison goodies. Now, thanks to some shrewd planning by the minds at GMC, we learn that brand’s Canyon may be the recipient of similar kit.

At an event for the brand’s HD trucks in Wyoming last week, a few of the trucks were fitted with GM’s nifty trailering cameras, one of which provides a view of what’s going on inside the trailer. Usually, this would be great for keeping an eye on your horses. This time, it was holding watch over horses of a different kind.

Displayed in one of the cargo trailers was a camouflaged Canyon. The inside trailer walls loudly announced ‘Canyon AT4, Coming Early 2020’. It is tough to see beyond the veil but one can safely assume any GMC mid-sizer bearing the AT4 designation will be sufficiently upgraded for off-road shenanigans.

Will it feature the ZR2’s Multimatic shocks? Are there locking diffs on board? Your guess is as good as ours right now. One observation we will make is the Canyon AT4 shown in the trailer lacks a snorkel, so Bison-like level of capability is probably out of the question. For now.

GMC previously said that all of its vehicles would eventually get an AT4 trim, so this news shouldn’t be a total surprise. The level of off-road grunt provided by AT4 varies from model to model, limited to basically appearance kit on Acadia but featuring a stout 2-inch lift on Sierra. Here’s hoping Canyon gets more of the latter.