We get it. Jeeps are meant to be driven the way that nature, and Willys himself, intended. Over the river and through the wood, and onto the scattered rocky trail – most Jeep owners dip at least a tentative toe into the world of off-roading. Serious gearheads take it a lot further than that, of course, which is why those “This Way Up” bumper stickers remain popular. That’s presumably why you bought a Jeep in the first place, no?

Still, taking your rig off-road means your ride will inevitably suffer a scratch or two – otherwise known as “battle scars.” But just because you actually use your Jeep as intended doesn’t mean it has to look like it’s been washed with steel wool. That’s where the folks at TouchUpDirect can help.

Based in SoCal, TouchUpDirect makes touch up paint products for just about every brand of car, trucks, 4x4s and Powersport applications, including (of course) Jeeps. It’s all thanks to the gearhead nature of the TouchUpDirect team, who are serious Jeep enthusiasts themselves.

It only makes sense, then, why they’ve been hard at work creating touch up paints not only for base Jeep colors but also hard-to-find shades for roofs, grills, and wheels. Colors you won’t find anywhere else. Those parts aren’t immune to the long fingernails of Mother Nature, so why shouldn’t there be a touch up solution for them as well? According to the company, all its colors are custom-mixed for an exact OEM Factory match using the finest factory-specification paint possible. After seeing the results of their product application, we’d have to agree.

TouchUpDirect goes beyond mere damage repair though, using that OEM matched paint to promote customization. It’s a great way to customize your ride, as they also offer their product in jars and spray bombs. Consider this: there might be three blue Jeeps out on the trail, but after a round of touch up paint, yours will be the only one with color-keyed fenders – even though it wasn’t an option for that model year.

TouchUpDirect doesn’t just mix up paint and put it in a bottle, either. Their R&D department has put in the hours to create the Combo Applicator. It won’t magically add a drink and fries to your burger; instead, it combines the two most common applicator types: the Pen and the Brush. They can be used individually, or in combination, depending on the nature of the intended repair. The Pen is ideal for small areas – like rock chips and paint scratches – whereas the Brush is better for larger scratches and scrapes. If you’ve ever tried this work before, you know it may not be entirely obvious which tool is better until you’ve actually begun the repair. By combining the two, now the user can choose the most appropriate applicator for each individual job, ensuring the best possible results. It’s a great thing to keep on hand in the glove box for those quick repairs.

And, while the company has focused on expanding their Jeep support, that doesn’t mean they’re any less equipped to help out with the scratches on a 4Runner or Pathfinder. Their catalog of OEM paint is quite deep – the industry’s largest, in fact.

TouchUpDirect has a team of experts who can offer advice on what product would be best for your ride – and how to use the stuff once it has arrived at your home. They’ll also help you figure out which applicator is best for your project and choose between a Pen, Jar, Spray, or the snazzy Combo option.

So feel free to go ahead and scratch up your Jeep. Thanks to TouchUpDirect, knowing you can fix that scratch means you’ve got one less thing to worry about out on the trail, ensuring your rig stays looking great, and ready for your next adventure.

Now get out there and have some fun! And don’t forget to hit up TouchUpDirect with pics of your ride on social media. You might get featured in a future post. Especially now that your Jeep is looking better than ever.