There are a lot of great options for mud tires on the market today, making it hard to choose the right set for your off-road machine – because there’s more to an ideal mud tire than just big treads or the right price.

Here are a few of the ways the Atturo Trail Blade M/T stands out from the crowd.

Unique design

There’s no denying that the Atturo Trail Blade M/T offers a different look. While custom tread patterns are not new to mud tires, the inspiration for the M/T actually comes from the cutting-edge blades of Quartermaster Knives, delivering a menacing style that truly makes the Trail Blade M/T a cut above. Atturo created the tread blocks in partnership with Quartermaster Knives designer Jared West, the man behind many of the brand’s iconic blades, meaning QTRMSTR fans might recognize the shapes on the sidewall and shoulder treads.

Insane grip

Big blocks don’t always mean big grip. Vanity-style tread designs can often suffer from form over function, providing only adequate off-road traction. But that’s not the case with the Trail Blade M/T tires. The blade-shaped treads are extra deep to bite into soft surfaces, providing excellent off-road grip. Staggered shoulder blocks also boost soft-surface traction, while beveled center treads deliver added grip.

Long-lasting toughness

Getting into the thick stuff requires a tire that can keep up with the demands of the trail. Few things are more frustrating than a puncture on the trails, and Atturo Trail Blade M/T tires have been specially designed to resist damage. Deep sidewall blocks should protect from rocks and other objects, while LT-rated Trail Blade M/T tires are built with 3-ply sidewall construction for increased durability. Atturo regularly puts these tires to the test in the Lucas Oil Short Course and SCORE Baja type off-road series races – and wins.

Quality construction, quiet ride

The quality of a tire begins with manufacturing. Atturo Trail Blade M/T tires are created from a custom-crafted aluminum segmented mold, which ensures a greater consistency in the tread across the tire surface. Mud tires can often be loud on hard roads, but the Atturo Trail Blade M/T features beveled center treads to reduce annoying on-road noise.

Bang for your buck

There are a lot of features and capability packed into every Atturo Trail Blade M/T tire, giving it the same performance and top quality you would expect from a premium mud tire – only at an everyday value. Considering the tires’ proven – and literal – track record, the M/T should perform well above its price, while the deep grooves should help increase tread life both on and off the trail.

For more details, head over to the Atturo YouTube channel to check out the Trail Blade M/T tires for yourself, or visit their website to find a dealer near you to pick up a set.

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