Lexus builds some leather-lined luxury to the off-road scene.

Every now and then, a fantastic concept comes along from an entirely unexpected source, as if your local pastor suddenly created a fruitcake recipe in which the primary ingredient is cocaine.

There’s no white stuff in the Lexus GXOR; you could, however, drive through a lot of snow.

Created by a group of adventure-loving gearheads at Lexus, the GXOR Concept (GX Off-Road) is designed to take on the great outdoors and let owners use their rig to seek out epic adventures. The crew sought out to blend Lexus levels of luxury with a towering amount of off-road capability.

The brains behind this overlanding beast explained that while most concept cars come to life in order to inspire their fans, it was the opposite situation this time – the brand enthusiasts inspired them to create an off-road rig with few equals. CDI frame sliders and full underbody armor help things stay in once piece out on the trail, while massive 275/70/18 General Grabber X3s bring gobs of traction.

A bespoke suspension from ICON (who else?) has been fitted, complete with remote reservoirs and billet control arms with delta joints. The air suspension is binned and replaced with steel springs which, for this application, is probably a good idea. All this, according to the company spox, was inspired by the brand seeing current owners on social media modifying their rigs and taking them to very cool places across the world.

And, yes, that’s a CDI front bumper with a Warn winch on a Lexus GX. More than just an off-the-shelf piece slapped on to the GX nose, the unit actually incorporates elements of the original truck’s grille, making the whole thing look as if it is actually a factory option. That snorkel looks baller, too.

The third row has been sent to the dustbin, replaced by a custom setup of drawers by Goose Gear and a fridge powered by a rooftop solar panel. The trailer shown in the photography contains a tent, cooking gear, and a bunch more storage. Powertrain? That’s all stock.

If you’re wondering, Siri is telling us the song in that Lexus video is The Noticer by Ok Otter.

This is all a concept for now, built as a one-off. The revised 2020 GX is more capable off-road than last year, though, with a couple of extra off-road modes baked into the drivetrain and a trail camera system so you can see that obstacle before it becomes a problem. That model will show up in dealerships later this Fall.