Large treads and solid sidewalls make the basic building blocks to a good extreme mudding tire like the Atturo Trail Blade BOSS.

These large tread blocks give companies and owners the opportunity to get creative with their shape, creating unique ways to customize your off-roader.

Outdoors fans will know the Kurki-style knife and the Quartermaster brand. But you might not know about the awesome-looking Trail Blade BOSS tires, inspired by the Quartermaster BOSS Hog knife. Tread blocks have been shaped like the iconic blade, giving owners a very custom looking tire. Designed and made by Atturo, the Trail Blade BOSS tire is for the serious off-roader.

But there’s more to this tire than fashion, however. Every part has been designed to deliver great looks and excellent extreme off-road performance. Trail Blade BOSS tires are made with 3-ply construction, which should protect them from punctures and damage.

The solid block knife blade and handle design along the sidewall gives it further protection. This extra rubber means the Trail Blade BOSS tire can endure rougher trails without going flat. Trail Blade BOSS tires proved their durability by competing in, and completing, the Baja 500 without a single puncture—as well as the King of Hammers. The knife-shaped treads provide excellent terrain-crushing grip.

The knife-shaped tread pattern has proven to be more than just something good to look at. It turns out the unique shape and size have a measurably better at extreme off-road traction. Independent testing showed Trail Blade BOSS tires had 10% better sand traction, 9% better rock traction and an impressive 17% better mud traction compared with a standard mud terrain tire. It’s no surprise then that the Trail Blade BOSS tire won a Global Media award at the 2018 SEMA show. It’s not often something performs as good, or better, then it looks.

Trail Blade BOSS tires have been designed to toss debris that may get trapped in between the tread blocks, so you shouldn’t have to worry about pesky tree branches or rocks hitching a ride along. Center treads have been designed with a gap to let debris, mud and water flow through to keep treads in constant contact with the terrain. Wave channels and sipes have been woven into the tread blocks to boost wet traction and help reduce some of the road noise the Trail Blade BOSS tires create. The base of these center blocks has been reinforced, which should help the tires keep rigid when climbing rocks. Tread design strikes a balance between tread block and open areas, creating ample biting edges.

These tires are meant for large, serious off-road vehicles, and the Trail Blade BOSS tires have been sized accordingly. They start at 35/13.5 R15 and to all the way up to the monstrous, 15-inch wide LT375/45 R24 sized tires. Trail Blade BOSS tires are also available in the tallest and widest sizes in the Atturo range, measuring 42 x 15.5 R24. More than just an awesome way to customize your ride, the Trail Blade BOSS tires have proven they can stand up to the harshest off-road tests you can throw at them.

For more details on this great tire, check out this image below or CLICK HERE or this video from the Atturo Youtube Channel.

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