Many new truck buyers like to accessorize their rides shortly after purchase. New wheels and tires are pretty common, as are lift kits and even light bars. Most of the time those are purchased from a 3rd party and don’t have the luxury of carrying a factory warranty. The Mopar parts catalog is different and there is a huge selection of new Ram 1500 Mopar parts and accessories available.

Many of the accessories that you buy come with a factory warranty, because they are designed and engineered by the same people who designed and engineered Ram trucks or Jeeps. They can also be ordered with the vehicle, put on before the customer takes delivery, and even have the cost of the parts rolled into the vehicle loan or lease.

To celebrate the launch of the new Ram 1500 truck in 2019, Ram let the Mopar guys load a truck up with their parts to showcase the looks and functionality of their components. We recently spent a weekend at an off-road park trying them out, and compiled a list of the 5 coolest, must-have parts from the Mopar catalog.

2-inch Lift Kit

Ram 1500 Mopar Lift Kit

A reasonable lift, like the Ram 1500 Mopar 2-inch kit, helps with ground clearance off-road for your Ram 1500. It also allows you to fit bigger wheels and tires for even more capability. The beauty of the Mopar lift is that it was designed by Mopar engineers and is designed to be safer in a crash. Plus, it’s a reasonable lift that makes the truck look better, without going over-the-top.

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Beadlock Capable Wheels

Ram 1500 Mopar Beadlock Wheels

Our test Ram 1500 was fitted with 35-inch tires, which adds a bit more lift to the truck, and these beadlock capable wheels complete the off-road performance package. While it is illegal to drive on public roads with beadlocks on, off-road they help keep the tire attached to the wheel when you lower the air pressure.

When the tire pressure is low to improve surface area and therefore traction, hazards can literally cause the bead to disconnect from the wheel. The locking rings keep the bead locked, hence the name, and help prevent you from getting stranded.

Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Liner

Ram 1500 Mopar Floor Liner

These heavy-duty Ram 1500 Mopar floor liners take floor mats to the next level. Since you will get dirt, debris and mud in the truck when you off-road, these help protect the interior. What is impressive about them isn’t how well they work, but how substantial they feel. They fit well and cover the entire floor in the rear of the crew cab.

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Rambar with LED Lights

Ram 1500 Mopar Rambar

The Ram 1500 Mopar Rambar sport bar looks cool and makes it easy to mount a set of LED lights on top to make it easier to see at night. The Rambar doesn’t work with Rambox, the in-bed storage compartments, so plan accordingly.

The lights themselves are incredibly bright, and are for off-road use only. However, if you want to light up a trail with the intensity of a star going supernova, this is the way to do it.

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Mopar Performance Intake and Exhaust

Ram 1500 Mopar Intake

These two Ram 1500 Mopar components combined do not improve the off-road capability of the truck. They don’t necessarily improve fuel economy. They surely don’t make the truck stealth.

Ram 1500 Mopar Exhaust

But they are a must-have because they make the 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 sound amazing, and that’s why you want it. Imagine the sound of a Charger Scat Pack, but from a pickup. But surprisingly, it’s not so loud as to really annoy the neighbors, and there’s very little drone on the highway. Embrace the V-8 and enhance the sound it naturally makes.

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There are many more accessories on this truck. Mopar has close to 200 different options available on their half-ton and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Also, Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators are popular accessory vehicles. Regardless, because you get OEM-designed accessories, they are designed to work perfectly with your vehicle, and are a compelling option for folks who want to upgrade.

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