There’s a reason XJ and Good Day rhyme, you know.

The venerable XJ Cherokee is, in your author’s opinion, one of the most influential vehicles ever made. Able to scale off-road obstacles in a single bound while transporting the whole family, there’s an argument to be made that without the XJ we wouldn’t have modern day off-road warriors that can seat five.

I’ll let you write your own list of faves in that category. Attempting to do so here will inevitably omit [insert your preferred brand here] and only lead to fiery online arguments.

Back to the XJ. It’s news to exactly no one that there’s a huge aftermarket for these things, and the gearheads in this video take advantage of that to the full. The whole film is pretty righteous but the series of maneuvers starting at 1:22 are especially awesome.

Check ‘em out wheeling though an off-road park in Missouri and give us a reply on social what you think is the video’s best moment. The facility’s Facebook site shows off some other fantastic off-road action including Suzuki Samurais and full-size Ford Broncos launching themselves into the Missouri atmosphere.

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