The mighty Mahindra earns an automatic transmission.

When the Mahindra Roxor appeared on the scene last year, it shook up both the side-by-side and automotive worlds. For the latter, it caused bouts of asphyxiation in FCA lawyers who protested the Roxor looked too much like a Jeep (never mind the legacy agreements that were in place for decades). The side-by-side fans, meanwhile, suddenly had another option to the workhorse Polaris and Can-Ams of the world, one which had a honest-to-gearstick five-speed manual transmission and a real clutch. Now, the company’s added an automatic transmission to the mix, broadening the Roxor’s appeal.

Called the Roxor A/T, it deploys a six-speed hydraulic actuated transmission that the company says is “calibrated for industrial and off-road capabilities”. Not unlike the transmissions in a road-going vehicles, this unit uses an ECM to learn the user’s driving patterns in an effort to provide shifting behavior that’s in line with the driver’s expectations. This means Uncle Eli’s Roxor, used around the farm, will probably shift different pattern than Young Jimmy’s Roxor which is routinely plunged into a mudhole at full throttle.

“We’ve listened to our customers and dealers and are giving them what they want in a new ROXOR that makes work life easier and now allows more people to enjoy ROXOR adventures,” stated Richard Ansell, Vice President of Marketing. “The automatic transmission is a natural extension to our ROXOR line up and will broaden the work and recreational capabilities of off-roading activity.”


Another new option to the Roxor line is a bench seat installed into the rear cargo area, doubling the rig’s seating capacity, meaning owners can now take along three buds or family members on their Roxor adventure. The interior gets a bit of a rethink as well, with new cupholders sprouting between the front seats and a buncha storage.

Powered by a 2.5L turbocharged diesel four, the Roxor remains available with a five-speed stick for those who’d rather row their own gears (*raises hand*). With its four-corner leaf suspension and ladder frame, it’s a compelling alternative to mainstream side-by-side options. The Roxor A/T will be priced at $18,999. Add six hundred bucks if you want to spring for the A/T Limited that features a smattering of unique colors and trim details.