In Its First Months, Jeep Gladiator Selling for Huge Money

Jeep’s new Gladiator is raking in the cash.

It isn’t a surprise that the Gladiator is an immediate hit. After all, the first Jeep pickup in ages is bound to draw both new customers and brand loyalists alike. What is surprising are the prices people are paying, resulting in a sky-high average transaction price.

What qualifies as ‘sky-high’, you ask? How does $56,403 grab you?

2020 Jeep Gladiator-Wrangler Truck-17

That’s an enormous number, one reported by Cox Automotive, a group who tends to know a thing or three about such matters. This number is based on May sales, a month in which Jeep sold a reported 2548 Gladiators. With more and more of the things rolling onto dealers lots now that production has ramped up, next month’s numbers will surely be even higher – as will the month after that and probably on through the summer.

Keep in mind, though, that the average transaction price shown above will likely sink a bit, given that the first run of Gladiator pickups included the limited production Launch Edition, a vehicle which stickered for over sixty grand. There were 4190 of those models and they all sold in a single day. The base price of a Gladiator? $33,545.

2020 Jeep Gladiator-Wrangler Truck-17

This news got us thinking – what else can one buy for the sum of $56,403? For starters, one could find themselves behind the wheel of a base model Chevy Silverado 3500 with dual rear wheels and a 910lb.-ft diesel engine. A widebody Scat Pack Challenger packing 485 horses is also in the cards with ten grand leftover for fuel (and tire!) costs. Even the limited run Launch Edition Supra costs less.

There could also be some nefarious “additional dealer markup” at play, a shady tactic in which stores slap a price premium on hot models. Our advice? Don’t fall for it; while one shouldn’t expect much in the way of a factory rebate on the Gladiator thanks to its popularity, customers needn’t pay over sticker. If the Jeep dealership in which you’re sitting won’t play ball, head to the next one. There are plenty of them.

Doesn’t make the Gladiator any less desirable, though! Be sure to check out our review and video of Jeep’s new rig.

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