Oil and lubricant company Chevron has released a new fuel additive designed specifically for ATVs and side-by-sides, as well as other powersports equipment and small engines. The new Techron Protection Plus Powersports & Small Engine Fuel System Treatment is available now at AutoZone.comWalmart.com and Amazon.com, with additional retailers to be announced soon.

The additive is safe for use in all gasoline-powered engines, including carbureted, two-stroke, four-stroke, port or electronic fuel inject and even direct injected engines.

According to Chevron, the Techron Powersports additive helps clean fuel injectors, throttle bodies and carburetors, removing deposits that can compromise fuel delivery and affect power and performance. The results, according to Chevron, are better throttle response and smoother idling while improving fuel efficiency. Techron also helps remove carbon deposits from the combustion chamber, minimizing cold-start issues and deposit-related engine knocking.

Techron Powersports is also designed for ethanol-blended fuels, including E10-designated blends commonly available in gas stations that can be harmful for some engines. Adding ethanol to gasoline leans out the fuel-air mixture which can affect performance and mileage and can damage motorcycles and ATVs and other small engines. Ethanol can be corrosive to some materials, particularly to some hoses, gaskets and even fuel tanks on older machines.

The additive can also help stabilize fuel for up to 24 months, preventing fuel deterioration for engines that may be sitting unused for long periods of time.

“Techron is committed to developing superior fuel additives for all internal-combustion engines. Our industry research revealed a distinct need for a more powerful solution in the powersports and small engine market,” said Joe DeFina, Chevron’s Global Brand Manager, Fuel Additives. “As a result, we engineered the most comprehensive, high-performance fuel additive and tested it for the harshest environments. Whether customers are seeking everyday reliability, working power or maximum performance at wide-open throttle, our Powersports & Small Engine Fuel System Treatment combines ultimate protection with the cleaning power of the Techron brand.”

Chevron recommends using 1 oz. of Techron Powersports for four gallons of fuel. The additive begins to work with the first application and continues to work as the tank is fueled up, re-treated and operated.