A turbo Talon is a great idea.

Last year, Honda finally jumped into the side-by-side performance powersports game with its new Talon. Powered by a naturally aspirated 999cc twin, its engine matches well with the DCT, a unique pairing in the SxS market making for with a very rev happy feel.

One complaint? While the Talon is a great whip as is, Honda still doesn’t have an answer for gonzo hi-po machines like the turbo RZR from Polaris. That changed yesterday, with the announcement that the company is teaming up with Jackson Racing announced as a Honda race team partner for the Talon.

Honda Talon 1000R

Its first collab? A turbo kit, naturally. The system delivers a 60+% increase in horsepower over stock, all funnelled through a completely stock Honda drivetrain. This proves what many have been saying all along: the Talon guts are capable of handing a lot more power.

The team hit up the pros at Garrett for the turbo, which is said to be engineered to handle the abuse that is routinely hurled at side-by-side rigs. In addition, they’ve reflashed the ECU and optimized the DCT’s shift schedules to match the turbo’s unique properties and power delivery.

Honda Talon 1000R

No word on how much all this turbo goodness weighs but given the stock unit’s 1500lb weight rating, it’s a safe bet this thing can rip across sand dunes like a scalded cat.

Installation is billed as painless with no fabrication, welding, or fiddling of engine internals. “Drivability and durability are both critically important, and we got it right here,” says Oscar Jackson Jr., COO of the company.

Check out Jackson Racing here and you’d be wise to stay tuned for further Honda Talon performance mods.