Hope you like mud.

When a YouTube video begins with the sound of an angry engine tasked with powering a mud covered custom rig up the side of a mountain, you know you’re in for a good time.

We’ve featured footage from Ultra4 in the past. This time, the film shows action from an event last weekend, billed as the first round of the series Europa championship.

There are multiple classes of machines in Ultra4 ranging from stock to unlimited plus a class for UTVs. In between, there’s a modified class in which shock absorbers can’t be larger than 2.65″ in diameter and not be capable of any more than 14″ stroke. Tires must be DOT-approved, with a maximum outside diameter of 37 inches. Good stuff.

The series challenges drivers to compete in a wide variety of terrain from endurance desert style racing to competition-style rock crawls to short course racing.

Before this event in Spain, Ultra4 had a quad of events here in the States, starting with the Lasernut Western Series in Rancho Cordova back in February. Across the pond, there’ll be off-road soirees crowning a king of France and Britain this summer. The series wraps up with the Nitto National Championship in Reno this October.

But enough detail! Crank the volume and go watch that video again.