Godfrey defies gravity in a turbocharged Polaris.

No stranger to pushing the limits and setting records, the man made some pretty awesome history by jumping a RZR XP Turbo S a total of 247 feet, a feat (pun intended) that was captured on live television. This Memorial Day jump was part of the two-hour season finale of Discovery Channel’s show the Diesel Brothers.

Godfrey reclaimed the world record for the longest jump ever made in a side-by-side UTV, soaring past the previous record of 223-feet.  The event honored men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and military families at the historic decommissioned military base, Wendover Airfield outside Salt Lake City, Utah.

This wasn’t a bone stock RZR, so put those keys away if you’re eyeing your own rig out in the shed. Diesel Brothers installed aftermarket parts and accessories to convert the stock RZR into a long-jump machine. Godfrey’s RZR features HCR suspension, BFG KM3 tires, a Sparco racing seat with harness, and a stout roll cage.

In an inspiring story of resilience and perseverance, readers should be aware that Godfrey fractured his T6 vertebra in a 2007 motorcycle accident. He was paralyzed from the sternum down. After years of physical therapy, Godfrey was able to regain strength in his legs and can now walk using canes. Now, he holds this long-jump record. It’s an amazing story of recovery.

“It’s evident I can fly better than I can walk,” said Godfrey after mastering the ramp. “When I took off, all I could think was hit it straight, hold on and hope for a clean landing. I can’t thank Discovery Channel, the Diesel Brothers and Polaris enough for the support.”

And all this comes just 12 years after his accident. Incredible.