New last year, the Silverado receives updates for 2020.

Those pining for GM’s new 10-speed automatic with their 5.3L V8 have had their wishes granted by the Chevrolet genie. According to information we’ve uncovered on a GM site, the 10-speed transmission is now available on 4WD High Country models equipped with the 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 DFM engine. This goes for the Silverado LT Trail Boss, too. If you’re looking for a future odd-duck truck, seek out a Double Cab with the tenner. Ten-cog Crew Cabs should be plentiful in both standard- and short bed configurations.

In other, non-powertrain news, the carping about GM not offering adaptive cruise control on its flagship pickup truck will come to an end in 2020. That feature is now be included in the so-called Safety Package II, coded as PDJ on the option sheet. This package is available on the two top-dog trims: LTZ and High Country.

GM has also upped its camera game. The around-view cam system has a pair of trailer provisions, while the Technology Package now includes a bed-view camera so you can spot that loose ratchet strap before the bike goes flying off into traffic.

Mentioned but not shown are Vertical Trailering Mirrors. Presumably, they’ll be of the same ‘sewer-elbow’ variety found on the Silverado HDs, since the old trucks used trailering mirrors plucked from that generation’s HD pickups. Your author has a set in his driveway.

All this is copy/paste for the 2020 GMC Sierra, by the way, and a complete list of changes for the 2020 model year is shown above. Ordering information is not yet available, so we can’t give you a timeline as to when these machines will hit dealer lots. When we know, you can be assured we’ll post a story right here.