Go karts: add lightness and simplify.

Your author is a big fan of high-powered side-by-side rigs. Most of us probably are. Seated in a racing-style chair, machines in the 1000cc require just the flex of a right toe to produce epic levels of speed. Open air design add to the feeling of speed, while a well-constructed ROPS gives the feeling of security … however fleeting. It’s the closest most of us will get to sitting in the front seat of a fighter jet.

Unless you’ve built off-road go karts, of course, which is just what this crew from Red Beard’s Garage have done. Powered by a 670cc engine, their builders took them up into the Great Smokey Mountains for a bit of fun. Helmets on, kids.

They deployed a 670cc Predator bought at Harbor Freight to power these go karts, not unlike that guy who put one in that Dodge D50 which has been making the rounds. An engine plate and oil catch can were sourced from GoPowersports, as were the tires.

If you’re wondering, that V-tread rubber is sized 20 x 7 up front and 20 x 10 in the rear. This allegedly helps with steering duties but, in reality, these off-road go karts will give you a workout regardless of its tire size. No need to go to the gym, simply go for a drive; that’ll work up a sweat.

How about it? Would you rock one of these off-road go karts? Do you know anyone who’s attempted to knock one together? Be sure to give us a shout on social media and let us know.