Spring’s here! Let’s check out some awesome mudding action.

For a fair chunk of the country, the cold days of winter are fading into a Spring’s worth of awesomeness. Those of you who experience perpetual summer can pipe down and head out to the sand dunes. The rest of us will enjoy the thawing ground which, for most, quickly gives way to soupy mud.

The gearheads in this video know how to have a good time, launching their rigs into the swampy mire with abandon. Water flies high, dirt gets flung, and all hands seem to have a good time. There isn’t much talking going on in the video, which is fine by us. It doesn’t matter the country – the language of roaring engines and spinning tires is universal.

These all look like well-built rigs, with short wheelbases and rubber that is fit for the job of churning through the muck. A red machine right at the beginning of the film buries itself nearly to the windshield yet keeps on mudding. Those googly eyes just kill me, by the way.

In case you’ve forgotten, there are plenty of mud racing organizations in the country, some of which have a season’s worth of racing for points. Just like the big leagues, mudding races are held at different tracks around the nation, with one outfit hosting events from New York state to the Midwest.

If you’ve got a rig, get out there and enjoy the season change! Just don’t forget to bring a couple pairs of boots.