It’s been a minute since any new information has surfaced about the Bollinger B1 off-roader and its variants. New videos posted to YouTube within the last week fixes that oversight, with films showing the all-electric truck tackling some trails and making its way through the landscape.

Bollinger Motors is the Detroit-based company touting all-electric off-road rigs with lantern jaws and more than a hint of Defender or Hummer in its styling. At the introduction of the two-door SUV in New York back in 2017, we saw a vehicle well sized for off-road fun, measuring 150 inches in length, 76.5 inches wide, and 73.5 inches tall. For comparison, a JL Unlimited measures 188.4 inches long with a 118.4 inch wheelbase.

To keep weight at bay, the B1 uses a lot of aluminium but does deploy a high-strength, low-alloy steel roll cage to make sure things stay intact if things turn turtle. The company says the machine you see here weighs 3,900 pounds, a relatively low weight for a vehicle with big batteries.

Speaking of, if the listed off-road measurements are anywhere close to correct – and we have every reason to believe they are – the B1 sounds like a beast. It has an approach angle of 52 degrees, a departure angle of 43 degrees, and a break over of 30 degrees. Powering it all are dual electric motors, one up front and one in the rear. Together, they are said to make 614 horses and 668 lb-ft of torque, good for a 0-60mph dash in the vicinity of 4.5 seconds. A 120kWh battery pack should store enough juice to supply a driving range of about 200 miles.

A unique feature of the Bollinger is its innovative carrying capacity, able to handle upwards of 72 sheets of ½-inch drywall or 24 pieces of 2×4 lumber thanks to a super-cool 12-foot space between closed front and rear lift gates.

We’ll be staying dialled in to the Bollinger website to learn more details about pricing and availability. Stay tuned.