You don’t need to speak the language to understand this Discovery owner is having a good time.

Various iterations of the Land Rover Discovery have fought their way through off-road obstacles since they first started churning the things out of a UK factory all those years ago. Even the current model, derided by some as looking soft, is more capable off-road than many other SUVs whose mouth can’t match their trousers.

Check out this lime-green Disco getting it done in the European mud.

Details are scarce but it is said the rig rides on 37-inch tires, has ARB lockers underneath, and a Warn winch mounted up front. It’s easy to identify the diesel engine but what exactly was offered under the hood from the factory in this Disco?

Assuming it is using the same engine with which it rolled out of the plant, that noise is being generated by a direct injected 2.5L inline-five diesel. Despite looking a heck of a lot like a Series I Discovery, the Series II – built from 1998 to 2004 – was actually said to have no fewer than 720 differences when compared to the older model. In fact, every body panel was new save for the other skin of the rear door. Landie gearheads will know the Series II suffered from extra rear overhang, something which seems to scupper a couple of runs in this video.

Still, this is a dandy rig, one in which your author would enjoy having a go. Wherever your wheeling takes you this weekend, be sure to be safe and have fun!