Buyers will need more than spare change to add this Mil-Spec build to their collection.

We’ve featured incredibly detailed Hummer customizations from Mil-Spec Automotive on these digital pages in the past. A combination of exacting construction and general bad-assery is a surefire ticket to Cool Town. Now, the company is debuting their newest bespoke build, #006.
It is the sixth H1 from this Detroit-based company, featuring a sleek slant-back and an overall design heavily inspired by its military platform. A 1996 4-door slant-back H1 served as the donor vehicle for #006 and, as with all Mil-Spec builds, the rig is completely disassembled and rebuilt. Here, the job even involved replacing the factory seam-sealed floorpan with a fully welded aluminum unit.
“Six really is the culmination of everything our company has learned over the past four years restoring both the military and civilian model Hummers down to the smallest detail,” said Mil-Spec top boss Adam Mitchell. “These trucks offer so much potential and really are amazing platforms for a company like ours to come in and re-engineer as well as redesign them as bespoke builds for enthusiasts looking for something completely different.”
A unique aspect of #006 (we really hope someone named Daniel or Pierce or Sean buys #007) is the adjustable air-ride suspension system which adds about four inches of ride-height adjustment to increase off-road ground clearance. RideTech airbags live at each corner to pull off this trick.
The exterior is finished in Deep Sky Black textured spray-on polyurethane material, infused with Kevlar because why not? Black semi-gloss trim accents give a murdered-out effect along with a functional hood scoop, heavy-duty bumpers with a Warn winch, and an all-aluminum offset snorkel. That windshield-mounted lightbar is a 60 incher, by the way, and those tires are 38×13.50R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on 20×9.5 Black Rhino Armory wheels.
Under the hood? Why, nothing less than a 6.6L Duramax diesel cranking out 500 horsepower and mated to an Allison automatic. A 2-speed part-time transfer case is provided by New Venture and an ARB air locker was added to the rear axle. Also, brakes are upgraded to Wilwood 12.25-inch rotors.
Strangely (or awesomely, depending on one’s viewpoint), the customer who commissioned #006 expressed interest in fitted luggage, a request Mil-Spec was only too happy to fulfil. Rich people are strange, man.
Price of the #006 is $295,039. For more information on its specs or other awesome machines from this builder, be sure to check out the Mil-Spec Automotive website at