A quintet of rad Jeeps tackle Moab!

With all the action going on in and around Moab this week, you just knew today’s video would be from Colorado. With the off-road faithful making the yearly pilgrimage to Easter Jeep Safari, there’s plenty of film floating around on social media right now. This one combines three awesome things: flat fenders, Hell’s Gate, and a good video resolution (yes, the last one matters – not as much as a set of lockers on the Gate, though).

For those who haven’t been – and if you’re an off-road gearhead, you really must! – Hell’s Gate consists of a steep climb up a chute that narrows and steepens as it rises. A spotter is a Very Good Idea in order to take the correct line as this obstacle can catch even the most seasoned ‘wheeler off guard if they’re not paying attention.

Part of the larger Hell’s Revenge trail, the Gate is an optional part of the ride which can be bypassed for those who either don’t want to tackle it or don’t have a rig capable of doing so. The entire Revenge is rated a 6 on the difficulty meter by Red Rock Four-Wheelers, is about 6.5 miles long, and is recommended for drivers who know what they’re doing. The optional Gate, shown here, is rated an 8 on the same scale by most off-road guides.

Have any readers tackled Hell’s Gate? What kind of rig did you build to take it on? Be sure to hit us up on social media with your stories!

[Image: YouTube still]