Fullsize off-roaders on tough Moab trails!

There’s an odd attraction to driving a vehicle into (and out of) situations for which it was never designed. Anyone who’s hammered an old compact car over a sand wash or set of whoop-de-dos knows exactly what I’m talking about.

This week at Moab, drivers of fullsize rigs took on some tough trails in a true Fullsize Invasion. Long wheelbases and big overhangs are usually one’s enemy when off-roading and, well, they are here too. In this drive, at least, all hands are in good company.

Nice save by Gary in his (‘75?) Ramcharger on the High Dive on the Behind the Rocks trail sponsored by Off-Road Recovery Gear. #fullsizeinvasion2019 #offroadrecoverygear #bdssuspensions #daystarproducts #offroadpowerproducts

Posted by Fullsize Invasion on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The camaraderie and encouragement in that video is absolutely awesome, not to mention the radness of that Ramcharger. Speaking of rad, check out the bobbed-off white Suburban that shows up in this drone video!

Almost ready to hit the trail for the Off-Road Recovery Gear sponsored run of Behind the Rocks!!!A little rain hit last night that’s going to keep the dust down, and it’s gonna be a great day!

Posted by Fullsize Invasion on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

So cool. Mad respect to the builders of all the rigs in that parking lot, actually. Those who know – and if you’re reading this site, you know – will appreciate the mahoosive amount of blood and sweat that go into the creation of every single one of these 4x4s. Be sure to check out the group’s page for more epic photos.

And speaking of fullsize rigs, it doesn’t get much bigger than a 6×6 wrecker on the Kane’s Creek run!

When there’s a boatload of rad and well-built off-roaders gathered in one picture, you know you’re in the right place! This crew from an outfit called Reckless Wrench Garage brought a decidedly not-stock (that exo-cage looks the business) Ranger to the Moab party.

In fact, the whole movement has a home at the Fullsize Invasion group, a band of gearheads who describe their group as trying “to encourage people to get their fullsize trucks and 4x4s off-road into the great outdoors.” Sounds like our kind of people! Be sure to click over to their Instagram feed, which is chock full of great shots from this week’s action in Moab.