These bite-sized R/C trucks are the greatest.

Take a closer look at the lead image above. What initially looks like a too-cool Toyota pickup in good shape is actually a remote controlled truck. If this is what it’s like to play with toys, count us in.

According to the description, at least part of the video was filmed at a location in Germany that is dedicated to R/C trucks and their fans. While your author’s German is rustier than the rear wheel arches on his old 2010 Ram pickup, Google Translate helps to determine that this is a dedicated facility for fans of the hobby to get out and enjoy an afternoon of fun.

Pictures show that burly life-sized machines were needed to help build the outdoor portion of the off-road course, a section which appears to take in some sodden ground and a neat water obstacle. Plenty of mud, too!

The video shown here was posted just yesterday and features a mix of the too-awesome Toyota in addition to some random faming equipment. Elsewhere on the channel, there are some absolutely fantastic square-bodied Chevy R/C trucks bounding over the scale model trails. Given the motions of the machines (and, y’know, lack of drivers in the seats) in video , it’s easy to tell they’re R/C trucks. But from a static picture like the one below? It sure fooled me at first glance.

Are there any R/C clubs in your neck of the woods? One thing’s for certain – after seeing these rigs in action, it’s tough to dismiss them as simple toys.