There’s plenty of mud across the pond, too.

Freedom, good weather, wide open spaces – we live in a pretty great country. The off-road wheeling is pretty epic, too. No matter if one prefers rocks or mud, there are plenty of places in this nation to turn a wheel.

But we’re not the only ones on this planet to enjoy a day (or week, or month) of gnarly off-road action. For proof, look no further than this action we found on YouTube of a group in Estonia plowing through some of the toughest mud conditions your author has ever seen … including the sticky ‘skeg up north.

Wild right? The fact that random obstacles such as enormous wooden logs seem to rise up and appear out of nowhere from the muck fazes these drivers not one whit. Check out the 4×4 at about 13:20 which unearths a junk of wood the size of a Dana 44 axle but just pushes it out of the way like a toothpick. Alright, maybe it was there for traction – maybe – but your author chooses to believe it just popped up out of nowhere.

The rig at about the fourteen minute mark roars into a thick mud hole, chewing its way into the mire before forward momentum is arrested by a wall of muck. Its driver climbs out to a well-earned round of applause after digging a hole deep enough to serve as the foundation of a suburban house.

That SUV-type machine which pops up at timestamp 5:10 makes several appearances in the video, getting into and out of just about every situation with which it is presented. Like the others, it roars like Chewbacca on a bad fur day but its maximum rpm is definitely lower than a few of the other purpose-built rigs in this video.

Estonia’s tongue-twisting Klaperjaht competition seems to be a yearly deal. Be sure to check out their website for more pics and videos.