Check out these awesome rigs taking on the mud!

This trail at the Xtreme Offroad Park looks to be a brutal gauntlet of sticky mud and bottomless sinkholes. Naturally, the owners decided to make it a Tough Truck Trail Challenge!

With $1000 on the line, sixteen different rigs registered for this epic competition to see who could make it the furthest down the trail. Because your author likes ridiculously over-built SUVs that look completely out of place on a sky-high lift, the Ford Expedition shown in the cover image of the above video is a fan favorite around here.

The white crew cab GMC is equally superb – and not just for its over-the-top build. Watching a rig that is painted white instantly changing color to a polar-opposite muddy brown as it works its way through an obstacle is one of the best visuals the mudding community has to offer.

Ever see a rig catch on fire (twice!) then continue the trail? You have now … assuming you watched that video.

A couple of Polaris and Can-Am side-by-sides take a crack at the trail as well, and although it’d definitely help if those rigs spun their tires faster to fling the goopy mud clear of their treads, their drivers sure look like they’re having a heckuva lot of fun. This monster-grade X3 is an awesome machine.

The park’s Facebook page says it is located in Crosby, Texas, which is about an hour north of Galveston. They’re advertising a Spring Break event on March 9th and, if the rest of the park looks anything like this, it promises to be a great time.