Watch these Jeeps conquer the trail.

Windrock Park is 73,000 acres of off-road excitement located in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. A network of curated and crafted trails accommodate all types of vehicles from ATVs and side-by-sides to dirt bikes and mountain bikes. Oh yeah – Jeeps/4x4s, buggies, and trucks are welcome on some of the trails, too. We took a massive Titan XD up a few of its obstacles last year.

Billing themselves as the largest privately owned riding area in the country, Windrock boasts their 300 miles of trails are known for keeping the rider in mind. This video from the RockYour4x4 channel on YouTube proves their point.

Showing off their rigs that look to be extremely well-built but still liveable for daily use (… maybe), the drivers in this video wheel their Wranglers up and over a great mix of rocks, mud hill climbs, and through tough stretches of woods. Shot on New Year’s Day, the channel promises this to be the “first of many” rides the club will take this year.

The title of this video suggests the drivers took on at least three numbered trails – 52, 50, and 60. Check out a map of Windrock Park to get an idea of where the action is taking place.

The articulation on some of the rigs in the film is absolutely wild, particularly the Jeep at about the 18:00 mark. According that map shown above, the trails are in the “Moderate Degree of Difficulty” category, described on the website as containing mud and mountainous terrain. This leaves your author wondering what the toughest trails are like at Windrock, the ones described as featuring ‘off-cambers’ and ‘tougher hill climbs’. Excuse me while I go search for more footage of the place.

As for the RockYour4x4 crew, they describe themselves as a group “building capable vehicles to travel cross country and wheel anywhere”. If the rigs in this video are any indication, it’s safe to say that’s an accurate statement.

What favorite trail are you hoping to hit up in 2019?