Honda has priced its new Talon side-by-side.

Last year, Honda showed off its new sporty side-by-side at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Called the Talon, it signalled the company is finally ready to play in the arena of 1000cc performance machines. At the time, we estimated they’d cost around $20,000. As it turns out, we chould’ve bought a lottery ticket or placed a Vegas wager.

2019 Talon 1000X

Starting at $19,999 for the Talon 1000X, buyers will find themselves in control of a two seat side-by-side powered by a 999cc twin with a maximum of 15.1 inches of suspension travel. Available in either red or blue, the 1000X is 64 inches wide and 123.9 inches long with 2.0-inch body Fox Podium QS3 shocks slung underneath paired to a double-wishbone front-suspension design and 3-Link rear system. Ground clearance is a solid 12.7 inches.

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2019 Talon 1000R

Priced just $1000 higher at $20,999 is the Talon 1000R. Powered by the same engine, it deploys a wider stance at 68.4 inches for greater stability and more interior elbow room. Its wheelbase is longer than the R as well, measuring 92.7 inches versus 87.6 inches respectively. This lends itself to a much larger turning radius (21.3 feet is 3.5ft more than its little brother), so choose your weapon carefully depending on the type of terrain into which you plan to adventure.

Both machines also deploy a six-speed dual clutch transmission, a unit that is a unique take on power delivery in this segment. With no belts to slip, power should be delivered in a smooth and consistent manner. Those paddle shifters book baller, too.

Honda Talon seats

A raft of Honda accessories can add to those list prices, of course, with everything from nerf bars to skid plates on offer through the company catalog. Electronics such as light and sound system are available to those who want to opt their Talon like a modern pickup truck.

Honda is advertising public demo rides of the Talon at the upcoming MotoGP race held at Circuit of the Americas in Texas. There will be similar opportunities at Moab in May as well.

2019 Talon 1000R

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