Despite seeming to be older than the dirt on which it rolls, the Toyota Tacoma is enjoying massive sales growth.

In fact, it recently had its best-ever December, quarter, and year since introduction. Seriously. It was up an enormous 24 percent for the year, enjoying 13 consecutive best-ever months.

For 2020, Toyota is massaging the midsizer’s styling, bringing it slightly more in line with its big brothers. We’ve brightened the image below to give you a better look.

What looks to be some LED mascara appears on the headlights of the truck shown in Toyota’s teaser pic, along with turn signals baked into the mirror caps. The hood looks to have slightly deeper scallops along the edges of its power dome, but that could be thanks to studio lighting.

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An aggressive lightening-up of the teaser image, shown above, reveals a honeycomb-style pattern to the 2020 Toyota Tacoma grille. Expected features like a sliding rear window and safety sensors tucked near the rearview mirror remain.

The Tacoma isn’t exactly cheap. An entry-level base model (the 4×2 SR Access Cab with an automatic and long box) lists for $25,700, nearly $5k north of a base Colorado. Adding 4×4 to that trim tacks on just over $4,000. At the spectrum’s opposite end, an automatic TRD Pro 4×4 with the Double Cab and an automatic transmission costs an eye-watering $45,515.

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Despite this, the Tacoma’s sales number continue their northward march. Toyota sold nearly a quarter million of the things – 245,659 to be exact – in the 2018 calendar year. That is a sum greater than the combined might of Avalon and Prius and Sienna and Yaris and … well, you get the picture.

The midsize truck market is currently a crowded space, with Ford’s Ranger (absent a Raptor trim – RAGE) appearing in showrooms as we speak and the tag team of Colorado/Canyon continuing to do well. In fact, Chevy’s off-road prowess keeps being cranked northward, first with the ZR2 and now with the Bison. Perhaps Toyota will have an even more aggro TRD Pro in Chicago, although that doesn’t seem to be the truck shown here.

If you’re keen to see the rest of Toyota’s new Tacoma, check out the livestream from their booth at the Chicago Auto Show at 10:00 am CST on February 9.

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