has uncovered a product timeline illustrating that the Blue Oval plans to introduce new versions of the Explorer, F-Series, and Bronco in that order.

This means a revamped, or even all-new, F-Series pickup will appear in showrooms a lot sooner than most people expected. At the very least, it confirms what some folks are already suspecting.

Ford’s already told us the Bronco is “coming in 2020,” a concrete line they’ve promoted since all the way back at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017. This is not to say it’ll be a 2020 model. More likely, it’ll show up in the 2020 calendar year as a 2021.

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Meanwhile, it is common knowledge a new Explorer is set to debut in this coming calendar year, likely at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Spy shots and images of a police version have been making the rounds for ages.

Reading between those very fine lines and knowing the next F-Series is coming before the Bronco, it stands to reason we’ll see a significantly revised full-sized pickup from Dearborn late in the 2019 calendar year – after the Explorer but ahead of Bronco’s big unveil in 2020. Spy shots of the next Super Duty exist already and your author is extending the speculation that a new F-150 will show up sooner rather than later, too.

The annual soirée known as the State Fair of Texas next September would be a great spot for such a reveal. Just sayin’.

It would make sense for Ford to deploy this timetable, what with their two major pickup competitors – Ram and GM – showing new rigs (both 1500 and HD) this year. It goes without saying trucks are a huge business and massive profit center for these companies, so it would make sense for Ford to fire back at their crosstown rivals without delay. Ford’s already said to expect a hybrid powertrain for their bestseller in 2020, imbued with gobs of low-end torque for extra pulling power and the ability to serve as a mobile generator.

A bombshell reveal is also not without precedent. Chevy surprised all hands, including your author who was in the audience at Texas Motor Speedway, by revealing the new Silverado ahead of schedule back in December 2017, a good month or more before most people expected to see the thing. Ford could do the same.

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