Otterbox iphone case

An Otterbox iPhone case can make the difference between your smartphone living out a long and healthy life, and having one clumsy moment ruin your day. They’re one of the toughest case options on the market, and though they can sometimes set you back a bit more coin than your average no-name phone case, they occasionally come up on sale like we’ve just spotted today.

Varying levels of deals are on offer across the model range for iPhone 6, 7, and 8 variants as well as a number of Samsung and LG fitments, with sales ranging from 30% to at least 57% off. This includes the more hardcore/bulletproof Defender and Commuter cases, down to the more simple and sleek Symmetry and leather flip-front Strada Folio models, meaning you will by no means be shy on options. Regardless of the style you choose, even the more slender models use a mix of hard and soft materials to ensure a proper level of protection from any unexpected mishaps.

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