smittybilt Winch

There’s a good range of winch options out there for every budget, but for those looking for something a little more light-duty and affordable this Smittybuilt XRC fits the bill. It delivers a 9,500 pound rated single line pull powered by a 6.6 horsepower motor, operated via a remote switch. Though the sleek winch plate above is sold separately, this price-conscious winch will have enough grunt to get you and your Jeep, 4Runner, or other moderately-sized trail runner out of trouble.

Though on the budget end of the spectrum, Smittybilt still backs up all of its winches with a proper warranty—3 years on electrical components in the case of the XRC. As a nice additional perk, is covering the sales tax on all Smittybilt parts right now, as well as offering free shipping on larger items like this one. Considering this winch weighs 78 pounds on its own before packing materials, that’s a definite bonus. Pair this up with the USWAY tow strap we recently featured, and you’ll be in fine shape for that next off-road trek.

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