tire gauge

If you don’t have a tire pressure monitoring system built into your car, you’d better make sure there’s a tire gauge in your glovebox (and that you actually know how to use it).

We’ve said it time and time again, having your tires set to the right pressure is crucial, not only for ensuring proper and even wear of each tire, but for maximizing fuel economy as well. Improper pressures can even impact how your car handles through the corners. There are a lot of digital tire pressure gauges out there, but this heavy-duty AutoAI digital tire pressure gauge offers a more sturdy construction than many more basic offerings for only a few bucks more, now that it’s on sale for 46% off.

A backlit display means you’ll be able to read the gauge even in less than ideal working conditions, hopefully not on the side of a dark highway (but you never know). A small LED flashlight is also built into the housing, though that’s a separate item we’d always recommend keeping in the glovebox as well. This digital tire gauge is about a foot long, so it’s not the most compact option out there, but on the flip side its additional reach is especially handy for those with dual axle trucks, trailers, and RVs when the inner tires need checking.

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