The new mid-sized truck from Ford can’t come soon enough. Thanks to a fleet order guide, we’ve learned a new more details.

This document is straight from the publicly accessed portion of Ford’s fleet services website and while it wasn’t exactly hiding in plain view, it wasn’t totally difficult to find, either.

According to the sheet, the Ranger will come in XL, XLT, and Lariat trims with various options packages available at each level. This is not news. Nor is the listing of its engine, a 2.3L EcoBoost inline-four with the notation ‘TBD’ emblazoned where the power ratings are normally listed.

What is interesting are the small mentions of equipment, particularly on the base model XL. Black vinyl floor covering is listed as a standard feature, great news for off-roaders who plan to get their Ranger muddy while ‘wheeling. Thanks to economies of scale, power windows and locks are standard features on all trims but base XL trucks will make do with manual side-view mirrors unless package 101A is selected.

For base truck aficionados (*raises hand*) this is a Very Good Thing.

Listed in the ‘Available Features’ section is an locking rear diff, pointing to the possibility this will be a stand-alone option that doesn’t require the purchase of an expensive package. Also mentioned as solitary optional features are cruise control and a manual sliding rear window.

Speaking of the rear compartment, the 2019 Ranger is listed as having a seating capacity of 4 or 5 passengers. Might this mean sideways-facing jump seats for the unfortunate souls relegated to the rear of a SuperCab model? Customers will be able to spec a rear seat delete option on those SuperCab trucks.

As for options in the form of grouped equipment, Chrome Packages will be on offer for all three trims. XLT and Lariat models also benefit from what is likely a color-keyed Sport Package. Also of interest is an STX Appearance Package. Off-road fans will be gratified to know both FX2 and FX4 Packages are listed, too.

An abundance of colors are listed, including one called ‘Saber’ that has no preview swatch. Other hues are similar to the F-150, plus a neatly-named Hot Pepper Red. Interior trappings will be limited to tan and black. Get the black.

Those in the know are speculating the official dealer order catalog to appear sometime in August. Expect more leaks than a screen door on a submarine when that document drops. Until then, we’ll keep our ear to the ground for more news about the upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger.