The Mexican 1000, a grueling five day event, had no shortage of great images from the competition in April. Check out this awesome video that surfaced about a month ago on YouTube.

The Bronco shown here belongs to Boyd Jaynes and is called Caballo Del Diablo, which is Spanish for horse of the devil. About ten years ago, NORRA announced its intentions to once again run marathon desert races in Mexico. Jaynes found the Bronco and employed a few experts to whip the thing into race-ready shape.

Based on the footage, it’s safe to say they did a bang-up job.

Check out the more-than-close pass at 2:52!

The Mexican 1000 Rally is a fully-supported on-road/off-road rally open to vintage and modern vehicles. It’s excitement-filled with high-performance driving, incredible scenery, and more than enough adventure for even the bravest pilots. This past year, the event kicked off in Ensenada in April 20th on its way to San Jose del Cabo seven days later.

This is in comparison to SCORE’s Baja 1000, an event that’s usually completed by top competitors in about 17 hours, well within 33 to 36 hour time restriction. NORRA originally promoted the Baja 1000, before having it wrested away by SCORE in the ’70s.

Now, the organization has created several different technology eras, starting with Pioneer which covers 1967 – 1975. Two-inch shocks and a 33-inch maximum tire size (35″ for trucks) are listed as features of this era. Other NORRA eras include Legend, Challenger, and Historic.Each era has a commemorative trophy awarded to the winner that pays tribute to an icon of the sport. The Pioneer Era trophy honors Steve McQueen, for example.

In April, the 2018 Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000 presented by Method Race Wheels was bigger than ever. There were a total of 245 competitors racing on either two or four wheels. Accepting the challenge of traversing the length of the Baja Peninsula is no small commitment.

Now go watch that video again.