unnamedThe vehicle you choose for off-roading is built to take punishment: dust, heat, bumps, grit, gravel, mud, tough terrain, changing weather conditions, and often all at the same time.

The watch you wear to handle the same unforgiving conditions should be able to handle the hard road ahead as well. The G-SHOCK range of watches should need no introduction. Launched upon an unsuspecting world in 1983 by Casio, and more specifically by engineer and designer, Kikuo Ibe, G-SHOCK has since earned its reputation as the ultimate ‘off road’ watch, used by those who either drive or walk off the beaten track, and that includes scores of elite special forces personnel the world over.


Impressive though the G-SHOCK specs have always been, including the ability to absorb shock, dive into water and offer 200 meters water resistance, both a digital and analog readout and a range of standard features including 5 daily alarms and world time 31 time zone readings, G-SHOCK decided to go for absolute toughness with the G-SHOCK Mudmaster GG1000-1A.


Why do they call it the G-SHOCK MudMaster? Because it’s designed to shrug off mud, sand and dust, the elements that usually cause all kinds of problems for ordinary watches. Nothing gets into the Mudmaster while tackling even the toughest terrain. Rather like an off-road vehicle, multiple gaskets are used on the pipes that guide buttons and shafts, and protect the buttons from impact, they also enhance button operation. In fact, the button size and knurling make it easy to operate with gloves and in wet or muddy conditions.

The G-SHOCK MudMaster also has Twin Sensors which enable instant access to direction and temperature whenever needed.


In addition to the digital readout, which includes day and date, ease of reading is assured with Arabic numerals positioned at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The face lights up with Super Illuminator, a high-brightness auto LED light to ensure high visibility under practically all conditions.

As for its undeniable good looks, the Mudmaster looks like something you might see on the wrist of a tanned Navy Seal on a covert mission. That’s because G-SHOCKs of all kinds are hugely popular with men of this ilk, and will you be complaining if people mistake you for the same? Probably not.


The Mudmaster also comes on a resin band in khaki, sand or urban grey, designed to merge into its surroundings.

It’s hard to put a price on toughness and reliability under challenging conditions, but if you had to, the price for the Mudmaster GG1000-1A is just $320.00