Update: This FJ Cruiser ended up selling for $100,000 on Bring A Trailer. 

It’s not common to find a 1970’s era Land Cruiser FJ40 in pristine shape, let alone one with less than 6,000 miles on it originally.

The FJ40 you’re looking at here has not been restored and spent most of its life in a carpet-lined wooden crate on a wall in a warehouse. It was placed there by its original owner, a wholesale carpet distributor that wanted to drive this machine around the world. Sadly, he passed away in 2000 never realizing his dream.

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The FJ40 was then sold to Jonathon Ward, founder of ICON4x4, who had air conditioning installed and serviced the Toyota to make sure it would run. In the last 18 years, about 2,000 miles have been added to the odometer.


Ward says that this is “considered the nicest example known in the world by experts in the marque.”

All the interior plastic is still in great shape, as are the seats and the original toolkit is even still under the seat. All the small details, down to the speed warning sticker on the cluster are still in place. This is

Now for the big question: how much? This FJ is being sold on Bring A Trailer, and currently, the highest bid is sitting at $100,000. The auction ends on Friday, April 6 at 2pm EST. So what are you waiting for!? Go buy it!

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