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The 2018 King of the Hammers week is underway and you can catch all the action right here.

King of the Hammers has become a week-long celebration of desert racing, culminating in the main King of the Hammers race that will take place on Friday, February 9. Until then, there is plenty of excellent racing to satisfy us, including the UTV race, Moto race and more.

Live Photos from the 2018 King of the Hammers

The live stream embedded below will show you the events as they happen, but the good news is, if you miss a live broadcast, KOH is uploading all of its live shows to its YouTube channel. So if you can’t catch it live, you can go home and watch all the action later.

King of the Hammers is a combination of rock crawling and high-speed desert racing that has been coined as the toughest single day off-road race in the world. And when you see some of the rock-strewn hills these competitors have to race up, you’ll have a hard time disagreeing with that statement.

Check out the live stream below, or scroll down to see some of the action that has already passed from the 2018 King of the Hammers.