The all-new 2019 Silverado RST (new trim for 2019) brings a stre

Last week, we combed the comments and message boards for consumer reaction to the new 2019 Ram 1500. Now, we reach for the machete once again to cut through the crap and bring you real-world feedback to the 2019 Chevy Silverado. 

First, we visit the message boards at, who notably haven’t updated their banner image since the GMT900 days. Beyond the usual bleatings of “never purchase a first year anything.” Some commenters complained – without any real-world data, of course – that the new headlamps are too “squished” and “probably” won’t be of good quality before going on to carp about the as-yet unproven ability to modify the thing. Um, okay then.

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Other users were more thoughtful in their replies, with adam86107 calling it “not a bad looking truck at all,” despite being the owner of an F-250. GM must be pleased to hear that comment.

Meanwhile, over on YouTube, where our very own Stephen Elmer gave readers a first look at the new truck last month in Detroit, commenters sounded off on the new Silverado as well. User Nick Larson replied: “Chevy did it again! Love this new Silverado. Excited for more news and numbers. Plus that new diesel Duramax is so exciting! I also love that Chevy stays true to a good old v8.”

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Some, like YouTube commenter Jay P, feel the Silverado is trumping the F-150 at its own game. While the Ford was the first to market with a power-down tailgate, Chevy simply took the next step and added power-up functionality. “I knew ever since Ford made power dropping tailgate with no up function that they would miss the bus,” said Jay P.

True to YouTube form, the loyalists for each truck brand were out in full force, with the haters opining, “SMH … it looks horrible” and “Sorry to say it but, meh.” How user Tod Whitehead, who said the new Silverado “Looks like a Tundra,” can possibly think those two trucks have the same tail lights is beyond us. The Toyota’s rear lenses flare prominently up at the bed towards the front of the truck while the Silvy’s have a pinched appearance to mirror the look up front. User Tod needs to seek an optometrist.

The all-new 2019 Silverado High Country features an exclusive fr

The response on the forums of was predictably more measured, with most keyboard warriors there putting more thought into their musings than the debauched free-for-all that so defines the YouTube comment section.

Despite an impossible to pronounce username suggesting an affinity for old Toyota pickups, hiluxxulih opined that, “This is truly the first Chevy truck I have been interested in since I bought my 2004 Silverado,” which surely is music to the ears of product planners at Ren Cen. Longtime commenter Member12, who has been a member of the site for nearly fifteen years, said “Looks like a real home run. Can’t wait until GMI starts providing information on the new engines.” I’m sure the site will do their best.

News of the inline-six diesel mill  in the 2019 Chevy Silverado surprised and delighted most folk, with comments ranging from FenwickHockey65 saying they “might have to keep the I-6 tradition alive in my garage…” to dslay04 calling it an “interesting wrinkle.”

The all-new 2019 Silverado High Country interior features more passenger room, more storage space and more functionality — all the things that customers were clear they want. Every surface has been designed for function and ergonomics, from the rotary knob textures to the infotainment screen angle.

Not all hands were pleased, with HumilityWalker calling the interior “horrific” and CJH saying “I don’t think it looks premium enough.” Commenter bballr4567, who lists a 2016 Camaro V6 as his ride, said they “Absolutely HATE the Silverado on the front fender,” before going on to say “That looks hideous. Flat out ugly.” Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they are dead wrong. The new badge, and its location is a superb throwback to the badges found on the 73-87 Chevy pickups in this author’s opinion.

And, with that sojourn through the morass of internet comments, your author gets to take a decontamination shower and hang up his hazmat suit for another few months …. until another popular model gets redesigned. Have anything else to add? Sic your dogs on us in the comments below.