All off-roaders know the importance of good shocks, but how about installing one under the driver’s seat?

FOX is showing off exactly that at the 2017 SEMA Show, though for now, it is just a concept. It’s part of the FOX Open Project, a program that allows the manufacturer to share a rough concept with the public to see if it should continue to production. In this case, FOX installed the new seat in a Jeep Wrangler JK, a likely product for this type of accessory to fit in.


This seat uses a single FOX shock that helps to absorb blows taken off-road, ultimately providing a smoother more comfortable ride. This technology has been used in the military for some time, while air ride pneumatic seats have also been around for many years. But FOX is the first to think that this technology has an application in the recreational off-road world, and we agree.

So if you like this idea and think you would want to see it in production, make sure to comment below, because FOX is watching and will be constantly monitoring your feedback.

FOX-Suspension-Seat4 FOX-Suspension-Seat2 FOX-Suspension-Seat1