Partisan One

Looking exactly like the crate it was shipped in, the Partisan One is a diesel-powered back to basics off-roader with a 100-year warranty.

This machine with modular-type construction might, at first glance, look like a life-sized Lego Technic toy. However, its inventor, Russian engineer Dr. Juri Postnikov, says his creation is “the best car for the world’s worst roads,” as it is designed to be deployed in rapid fashion wherever it is needed, such as a battlefield.

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The good doctor is promoting its simple design as the main reason for its ease of assembly. Apparently, several of these squared-off brutes can be stacked like cordwood into a regular shipping container. Amenities include a steering wheel, pedals, lights, and seats.

Partisan One

All the holes along the Partisan One’s exterior bodywork could conceivably be used as mounting points on which to affix armored plating, and there is option of a V-shaped underbody plate designed to deflect landmine blasts and roadside bombs.

Behind its square mug is a 2.8-liter diesel mill from FIAT, sending 148 horsepower to all four wheels as standard. The company plans to offer three- and five-door pickup body styles, along with a 6×6 and massive 8×8 version. An eight-wheel drive machine styled with a square would truly be a sight to behold.

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The model shown here is reportedly 15.5-feet long, 7.5-feet wide, and just over seven feet high. For comparison, the Wrangler Unlimited is roughly the same length, a foot and a half narrower, and its roof is a foot closer to the ground.

Partisan One

Price for the example shown here has been set at 49,500 Euros, or about $58,500 American dollars. Pricey, but the 100-year warranty surely counts for something, right?

Partisan One joins the growing ranks of post-Defender projects, which have swelled to include machines like the Bollinger B1 and Ineos Grenadier.