ToyotaTundra3_sponsored_671x411Some tough trucks are really smart buys as well. Here’s why.

In the first video of our Tough Truck, Smart Buy series, we talked talked about the resale value of the Toyota Tundra. If you were to spend $42,000 on a new truck and you chose a Toyota Tundra over its competitors, you can retain on average, over $3600 when you go to resell your truck after three years.

Because Tundra owner Shane O’Dell made a Smart Buy we’re gave him an off-road experience at the Vore Adrenaline Compound near Las Vegas, Nevada with none other than rally car driver Ryan Millen as his instructor.

It’s just one example of what you could do with the money you may retain by buying a Toyota Tundra. The Toyota Tundra is not just a Tough Truck, it’s a Smart Buy.

Here’s what Tundra owner Eddie Castillo did with his $3600 in our second video.