For the automotive aftermarket, SEMA is all about showing off the latest and greatest gear, and more often than not that comes in the form of vehicle builds around the Las Vegas Convention Center. There’s everything from mild to wild, but there’s also plenty of trucks and SUVs that go so far over the top that they reach a level of absurdity.

That leads us to this collection of trucks. Although fitted with suspension lifts and aftermarket wheels, in spite of the aggressive tires these trucks and Jeeps at the 2016 SEMA Show will live their lives on asphalt and never see the dirt.

This Ford F-250 is confusing, and the brown-white color scheme is just the start. Think this thing will every sniff the dirt? Can you imagine the paint repair job for just a short trip down a fire road?

‘Merca. Although the patriotism translates, the upgrades certainly don’t translate to the trail.


Ram this 2500 down the trail and you’ll sand blast the $1,000s of chrome off this truck in no time.


Of all the trucks, this Tundra might have the most realistic shot of getting its tires dirty for a second (you know, like dipping your toes in the pool), but all that painted suspension means it’ll live a life in the garage and the show circuit.


Climb into this Wrangler for a mall trip or cruising main street downtown because the only rocks it will ever see are pebbles on the highway.

This Silverado HD dually is chromed to the nines and is complete with murder wheels.

The DENALI badging up front takes cues from the first-gen Ford Raptor, but don’t expect any expect the suspension on this bad boy to flex any further than a few inches for curb climb.

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